Five young Kingston swimmers performed well in the Hull schools biathlon held at Sydney Smith school. This competition was open to all Hull schools for years 4 ,5 and 6 with both a girls and boys category in each year.

The competitors had to do a 800m run followed by a 50m swim. In the year six category Shannon McGahey aged 10, racing for Gillshill Primary School achieved the silver medal whilst Elliott Stephenson aged 9, swimming for Cavendish Primary School won gold. In the year five girls category Leoni Bull aged 10 racing for Cavendish Primary School, claimed the gold and In the boys year five category Ben Chapman aged 10, racing for Victoria Dock Primary School, claimed the gold. Also Emily Wilkinson, aged 9 and swimming for Gillshill Primary School also came away with a bronze medal.

Leoni said the run was very hard but that her swimming knowledge helped her claim the gold.

Pictured at the top are Leoni Bull, Shannon McGahey and Ben Chapman, with Emily Wilkinson bottom left and Elliott Stephenson bottom right.