Tadpoles Report

Once again the tadpoles excelled themselves in the club gala and showed how much up and coming talent the club have developed at the lower end. The boys 25m backstroke was won by Charlie Bucur in a time of 25.72 sec, with his twin William coming in a close second and Cameron Offen finishing in 3rd place. In the boy's freestyle event, Charlie came in first again in a time of 20.97 sec with Josh Wormald finish in 2nd place this time and Daniel Oliver in 3rd place.

The girls backstroke was won by newcomer Megan Batterbee with Ruby Willingham in 2nd place and Ellie Peaks in 3rd. In the girls freestyle event there was another win for Megan, with Ellie Peaks in 2nd place and Emily Thackray-Nocera finishing in 3rd.

Age 3 Squad Report

The Age 3 swimmers swam well against some tough competitors and achieved some great pb's on the day. In the boys races were Gabriel Larkin and Callum Wright. Gabriel gained a bronze in the 10 yrs under 50m Breaststroke, and a 6th place in the 100m backstroke. Both Gabriel and Callum were congratulated for their swim by coach Mike Dervey, in the 100m freestyle that they had entered for the first time, gaining a 6th and 7th placing respectively.

The girls were well represented and were gaining pb's as well. In the 10 yr and under 100m freestyle, Kila Caprani earned herself the 6th place position, also racing were Molly Marritt, Natasha Clark, Emily Wilkinson and Hannah Bird. In the 11/12 age group were Heather Harrison and Ellie Windas doing themselves proud with times of 1.35.09 and 1.40.90 respectively.

Hannah Bird gained a 5th place position in the 50m breaststroke, also doing well in this race were Lily Hawkard, Natasha, Hannah Sedman-Smith, Emily, Katy Greenacre and Gemma Page with Heather in the 11/12 age group. Molly, Hannah Bird and Ellie also did well in the 100m backstroke.

In the 25m races for Age 3, 8 and under, it was extremely closely fought. In the freestyle, Lily took the gold, at 20.70 seconds, with less than a quarter second in it, as Hannah Sedman-Smith touched just behind. Gemma and Katy were equally close with only a quarter second between their positions.

The Club Squad was represented by three swimmers competing in their first club gala. Elliott Stephenson competed in 4 of the events, obtaining personal best times in the 100m freestyle and the 50m breaststroke, in which event he just missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th place. Abigail Ingham swam well in the 100m freestyle and in the 50m breaststroke took almost 3 seconds off her personal best time. Eleanor Ward also had a good swim in the breaststroke event.

Age 2 Squad Report

Age 2 swimmers Jack Woodcock and Aleah Ross scoop three gold's each in club gala.


Jack claimed gold in the 100m free with a time of 1.27.37 , 100m back with a time of 1.38.22 and 200m free with a time of 3.15.45 getting pb's in 2 races while Aleah claimed the gold in the 100m free with a time of 1.30.29, 50m Breast with a time of 54.09 and 100m back with a time of 1.40.25 also getting pb's in 2 races.

The younger swimmers in the squad had a good day with 8 year old Hollie Verity gaining pbs in all her races to claim one silver and two bronze medals. She got the silver in the 100m back and her bronze medals in 100 free and 50m breast. 9 year old Emily Syddall claimed the silver in the 100m free and the bronze in the 100m back knocking a massive 31 seconds off her time. Emily also knocked 9 seconds off her time to gain 4th place in the 50m breast. 9 year old Luke Taylor had a great day claiming 2 silver medals and 2 bronze. He got the silvers in 100m free and 50m breast with the bronze medals coming from 100m back and 200m free. Luke managed to gain pb's in all his races. 9-year-old Lewis Collins claimed the gold in 50m breast and his pb's in the 100m back and 100m free gained him 4th places. Logan young had a great day knocking 18 seconds off his 100m back and 10seconds of his 100m free to come in 5th place.

Not be out done the 10's and 11's pulled out some great swims. Amy Greenacre claimed her first medal in Age 2 claiming the silver in 50m breast stroke also knocking a huge 14 seconds off her 100m free. Leoni Bull managed to gain two 10 year Yorkshire qualifying times in her 100m back and 100m free getting personal best in both. Emily Tate finished off the day in style claiming the 10 years gold in the 200m free getting an impressive 12 second PB. Emily also knocked 10 seconds off her 100m free and got a PB in the 100m back.

The 11 year old girls gained some impressive PB's. Abigail Malton Knocked off a fantastic 15 seconds off her 100m free to get a time of 1.21.38. Just missing out on her 11 year Yorkshire qualifying time, Laura Bailes knocked 8 seconds off her 100m free time. In the 100m back Georgina Oxtoby pulled off a 16 second PB with Jessica Mowthorpe a 11 second PB and Abigail and Laura both knocked 9 seconds off. Abigail managed a 13 second pb in the 12year and under 200m free with Laura knocking 7 second off her pb. Georgina , Jessica and Laura swam well in the 12 years and under 50m breast with Jessica and Laura both getting PB's.

10 year old Lewis Masters managed to claim three medals with a bronze in the 100m free knocking 13 seconds off his time a silver in the 100m back and a 10 second pb gained him a silver in 200m free.

The 11-year-old boys had a good day. Ellis Wilson swam in the 100m free 50m breast and 100m back gaining pb's in all three races and coming 5th in the 50m-breast stroke. Alistair Clougher managed pb's in his 100m free knocking 11 seconds off, Alistair knocked 6 seconds off his 100m Back and put in a good performance in the 200m fly to claim the silver medal.

Age 1 Squad Report

The club championship 4 once again got off to a great start in the 11/12 years group 100m Freestyle, with Daniel Stone getting a PB and coming in 1st place with a time of 1:09.59. Bailey Hairsine came in 3rd with 1:11.40. In the girls 100m Freestyle Amy Beadle came 1st with 1:03.70, followed by Shannon McGahey 2nd in 1:09.20 and Emily Bailey in 3rd with 1:09.25. The 13 years and over saw Dervla Curran get gold with 1:07.51 just pipping Mia Larkin who swam 1:07.88. It was a race for 3rd with Eva Kirkwood in 1:08.10 and Whitney Larkin in 1:08.40. It was a great 200m Butterfly event and due to very little entries the boy's swam with the girls. Bailey Hairsine got 1st for the boys in a time of 2:49.14 and Allistair Clougher 2nd in 3:56.06. Amy Beadle came in 1st for the girls in a time of 2:49.56. and Charlotte Oliver 2nd with 3:17.19. In the 50m Breaststroke, Nathan Greenwood got 1st in 43:57 followed by Josh Hawkard in 2nd in 46:34 and Euan Cleland 3rd with a time of 46:48. In the 13 years group, Joe Morris came 3rd in a time of 41:80. The girls 50m Breaststroke saw Hannah Falkinder coming 1st in a time of 45:01 and very closely followed was Hannah Willingham 2nd in 45:08 and Chloe Hamilton in 3rd with a time of 45:09. Recovering from an injury Katie Young looks to be back on track, getting 1:16.50 in the 100m Freestyle and 1:30.57 in the 100m Backstroke. Daniel Stone had a storming 100m Backstroke, once again getting 1st place in a time of 1:14.99. Emily Bailey followed getting 1st place in a time of 1:19.10. Heidi Morris got a PB in this event with a time of 1:31.70. All swimmers gave great performances and once again showed that the hard work in training is paying off.

Regional Development Squad Report

13-year-old Emma Beadle produced 3 incredible swims at the latest club championships. The first race for Emma was the 100 freestyle where she swum a Yorkshire qualifying time of 1.10.07. With only 10 minutes rest before her second swim which was the gruelling 200m butterfly event the coaches feared the worse, but Emma was outstanding not taking the gold medal in her age group but knocking 8 second of he best time. She backed this up with an impressive 11 second personal best in the 200m freestyle event. Emma's training partners Jess Kelsey, Isabella Moore an Zoe Webster all lowered the personal best times in the 50m breaststroke, 14 year old Maria Moore also had a fantastic swim in the 100m freestyle clocking a time of 1.12.7 a new personal best time.

The pick of the boys was 12-year-old Ben Annis and 16 year old Dale Booth. Ben produced personal best swim in the 100m freestyle and backstroke with the best swim coming in the 200m freestyle where he clocked a time of 2.55.46 an improvement of 9 seconds. Dale continues to improve his times, he swum under a minute for 100m freestyle for the first time recording a time of 57.84.

In the older boys 17 year old Alex Ferguson cemented his 100m Yorkshire time and his brother Cameron also lowered his personal best times in the 200m freestyle with a time of 2.24.04. One of the clubs oldest swimmers 20-year-old James Rodmell warmed up nicely for the Hull Open with good swims in the 100 and 200m freestyle event with swim on his personal best.