Age 2 Squad Report

Age 2 swimmers show what they were made of by putting a fantastic swim in at Scarborough Open A/B grade gala on Friday 18th of June and Sunday the 20th of June. Coach Kevin Malton was ill so swimmers were under the watchful eye of assistant head coach Nick Mills and they didn't disappoint.

The girls got the Friday night started with Aleah Ross (9) gaining a PB in the 200m free. This continued on into the 400m freestyle race with Aleah knocking an amazing 52 seconds of her time. 10 year old Leoni Bull carried on the efforts knocking a fantastic 27 seconds of her time.

On the Sunday morning the boys were first up and rose to the challenge. In the 50m backstroke, 9 year old Luke Taylor achieved a bronze with a PB time of 45.57. He was closely followed by Lewis Collins who's PB saw him claim the 5th place ribbon and gain his 9 year Yorkshire qualifying time. The 10 year old boys saw Jack Woodcock claiming a speeding ticket and a 10 year Yorkshire qualifying time with his PB. Alistair Clough and Ellis Wilsons PB's saw them pick up speeding tickets.


The girls were up next continuing the winning streak with 9 year old Kennedy Akrill and Aleah both achieved PB's to gain their 50m back Yorkshire qualifying times with Aleah also claiming the bronze A grade medal. 10 year olds Leoni Bull, Melissa Machin and Francesca Cone all got PB's. Leoni claimed the bronze in the A grade with Francesca getting a fourth place ribbon and Melissa getting the gold medal in the B grade. 11 year olds Abigail Malton, Jessica Mowthorpe and Laura Bailes all gained PB's with Jessica and Laura claiming the 4th and 5th place B grade ribbons.

The next race up was 100m I.M. First up the boys, Luke gained the best male PB of the day with a huge 20 second off, his time of 1.45.83 ganing him a speeding ticket. Lewis Collins also got a speeding ticket with his personal best of 1.47.92 taking him under the 1.50.00 barrier for the first time. Alistair claimed the silver medal in the A grade knocking 10 seconds of his time. Jack managed a 11 second PB to take the silver in the B grade with Ellis also getting a personal best.


The girls followed up their earlier performance with Kennedy and Aleah both gaining PB's to get their Yorkshire qualifying times. Kennedy's 11 second PB got her a speeding ticket in the B grade with Aleah claiming the gold A grade medal. Francesca got a 13 second PB and Melissa a 14 second PB to get the bronze medal in the B grade

Abigail claimed the best girls PB of the day knocking a fantastic 21 seconds off to claim a 4th place ribbon. Laura continued the big PB's knocking 15 seconds off and Jessica managed to get another PB


The afternoon session continued with PB's, medals and more. Luke and Lewis Collins got the ball rolling with PB's in the 50m breast stroke to claim the bronze and silver medals respectively. Alistair's 10 second PB got him another speeding ticket, with Jacks PB earning him the bronze medal. Lewis Masters (10) was also swimming and he put in three good swims.

The girls finished the day of in style with Kennedy's and Aleah's PB's taking them to their 50m breast Yorkshire qualifying time with both girls getting speeding tickets. Leoni, Melissa and Francesca finished the day off with PB's. Melissa claimed her third medal of the day getting the gold medal and Leoni claimed the 6th place ribbon in the B grade. Laura and Jessica's finished the day off with PB's and Abigail finished the racing off by breaking the 50 second mark in her 50m breast to get Kingston's last speeding ticket of the event.

The gala was a huge success for Age 2 swimmers, giving the whole squads confidence a welcome boost to manage to go away to a gala and come away with so many awards and PB's

Age 3 Squad Report

The Age 3 swimmers had a fantastic day on Sunday with the party atmosphere of the Scarborough gala. All the Age 3 swimmers were entered into the B Grade section of the gala and did the Kingston club proud. Mike Dervey and Nick Mills were there to cheer on the swimmers and were extremely pleased with how all of them swam on the day.

The 50m Backstroke was the first race of the day, in the boys 9 year old race, Matthew Dixon earned himself a speeding ticket and took 4 seconds off his PB, Callum Wright the Bronze and Gabriel Larkin 4th place. In the girls 9 year old race, Hannah Bird received the Bronze medal and Molly Marritt 4th position. The 10 year old race had many participants and Heather Harrison took 4 seconds off her PB and Natasha Clark also swam strongly.

The next race was the 100m Individual Medley, where Matthew, Callum and Gabriel all put in a great effort for the first time that they swam in this race. In the girls 9 year old's, Hannah earned herself the Gold medal and Molly the Silver. Heather, doing this race for the first time got a good time with 1.54.59, and Natasha close behind.

The afternoon warm up session was the main entertainment of the day with all the swimmers doing the conga around the main pool, the parents doing YMCA in the stands and many other crazy action songs ensuring the afternoon got off to a good start.

With only the 50m Breaststroke in the afternoon for the rest of the Kingston kids, they were all in fine form for the first race after lunch. In the boys 9 year old race, Gabriel gained 6th place and Callum 7th. Matthew had a very strong swim in this race.

Hannah placed 6th and Molly 7th in the 9yr girls, and Heather and Natasha got good times in a large group of swimmers.

A fantastic day out and a fantastic swim by all, well done!