The final Hull and District gala for 2010 took place at Ennerdale at the Weekend. This gala proved to be a low-key affair compared to previous galas. But despite this there were still trophies and gold medals up for grabs.

Regional Development

The regional development squad had a number of swimmers on show with James Rodmell taking the top boy award in his favourite event the 200m freestyle event. Thomas Longhorn improved his times in both the 200m freestyle and the 100m backstroke by a total of 8 seconds. Emma Beadle (13) knocked a massive 15 seconds off her time in the 200m breaststroke and took top girl in the 100im event.

Age 1 Squad

For the age group 1 swimmers the 100m fly was first event up for the 10year olds with Ben Chapman claiming the silver in a time of 1.37.13 with Jack woodcock getting the 5th place medal. 11year old girls had 200m fly first with Hannah Falkinder’s PB claiming her the gold medal in a time of 2.52.48 and Hannah Willingham claimed the bronze medal with a real good effort. In the 12year old girls category Lauren Hall PB’d her way to the gold in a time of 3.16.63 with Emily Bailey's 11 second PB getting her the silver medal. In the 11-year boys 200 fly Bailey Hairsine claimed the gold in a time of 2.54.06.

The 10 year olds were up again in the 200m back with Leoni Bull swimming a PB to claim the silver medal and Ben claimed his second silver of the day. Katie Young swam in the 13years 100 I.M with her PB getting her the 4th place medal. Bailey claimed his second gold of the day with a PB in the 100m I.M swimming it in a time of 1.22.99. Bailey's efforts cemented his position as overall 11year old champion.

The girls were up next in the 100m I.M with Hannah Willingham getting a 7 second PB to get the 4th place medal. Hannah Falkinder swimming a 13 second PB to claim her second gold of the day also ensuring that she was the 11-year-old girl overall champion. The 12-year-old 100 I.M was a close fought battle not just for the gold but also for overall champion. Lauren swam a 4second PB to claim the gold in a time of 1.18.75 and Emily got a 11 second PB to claim the silver in a time of 1.19.26 with Emily claiming the overall 12-year-old champion position.

Age 2 Squad

In the 9-year-old boys 200m Backstroke Lewis Collins and Samuel Bailey produced fantastic times with Lewis Collins achieving Sliver in a time of 3:26.12 a 31sec PB improvement and Samuel Bailey won Bronze in his first competitive 200m race with a time of 3:32.82 secs

For the 10-year-old boys 200m Backstroke Luke Taylor achieved a time of 3.32.93 a PB by some 22 sec’s to place in 8th while Lewis Marsters equalled his PB. In the 10-year-old girls 200m Backstroke Emily Tate produced a great PB in a time of 3:46.36 an improvement of 12 sec’s on her previous best.

Finally In the 10 year olds 100m fly Luke Taylor took 4th place in his first competitive 100m fly race with a time of 1:54.28 while for the girls Emily Tate also came in 4th with a time of 1:51.25 a 2 sec PB

Age 3 Squad

Age group 3 had a small turn out but this didn’t stop some great performances from the swimmers whom swum. The first race was the Girls 9yrs 200m backstroke with Megan Batterbee swimming a brilliant race, not only swimming a new PB but also gaining the Bronze medal (3:41.31). Also in the same race was Hannah Bird who swam really well and gained a new PB and took 5th place in a time of (4:02.74).

In the Girls 10Yrs 200m Backstroke there was Natasha Clark and Emily Willkinson who both swam really well and both gained new PB, s in times of (4:11.43) for Natasha and (4:13.00) Emily.