Tadpoles Squad

The last club gala of the year saw some fantastic swims from the clubs tadpoles’ section, showing yet again what depth we have at the bottom end of the club. The boys 25m freestyle was won by Charlie Bucur in a time of 20.01, with Cameron Offen coming 2nd and improving his previous best time by 4 seconds, and Joshua Wormald in 3rd place. In the 25m breaststroke event Joshua came 1st in a time of 33.12 a 5 second p.b. with new boy Ben Rimmington in 2nd place and William Bucur in 3rd place. In the girls events the 25m freestyle was won by Emily Thakray Nocera in time of 20.32 with new girls Megan Gray and Rebecca Budgeon coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. Megan Gray won the 25m breaststroke in a time of 29.97 with Helen Beales in 2nd place and Emily in 3rd.

All of the tadpoles put in some wonderful performances and coaches Lynne and Terry who were on the poolside supervising them, were extremely pleased with the results.


Age Group 3

The Girls Tadpole 25m Freestyle started age group 3 with a fantastic start, Elizabeth Hawkard took gold with a PB, Jolie Bull got silver and a PB, Hannah Sedman Smith got 4th, Ruby Willingham, Ellie Peak and Katy Greenacre all achieved PB’s. Next up was the boys Tadpole 25m freestyle Oliver Farrah swam a new PB to claim a silver medal and Chris Annis also claimed a PB. In the Girls 50m Butterfly Molly Marritt and Natasha Clark had great swims and both gained PB’s.

In the Boys 50m Butterfly Gabriel Larkin swam a great PB and earned himself the Bronze medal.

Next was the Girls 100m Breaststroke the 9year olds Molly Marritt, Jolie Bull, Ruby Willingham, Josie Scorah and Katy Greenacre all produced PB’s also swimming well was Hannah Sedman Smith. In the 10 year olds were Emily Wilkinson and Natasha Clark both girls swam really well to produce PB’s.

The Boys 100m Breaststroke 9 years old Bradley Grindell swam a great PB and a Bronze medal.

In the Girls Tadpoles 25m Breaststroke Elizabeth Hawkard swam a PB to gain the gold medal, Jolie Bull also swam a PB for the silver medal, Hannah Sedman Smith taking the Bronze Medal also having great swims in the same race was Ellie Peak, Katy Greenacre and Ruby Willingham all swimming PB’s.

The Boys Tadpoles 25m Breaststroke produced two fantastic swims for Chris Annis and Oliver Farrah not only did they gain PB’s, gold for Chris and Silver for Oliver.

The Girls 200m Backstroke saw Emily Wilkinson have a great swim knocking over six seconds off her PB.


Age 2 Squad

At the last club Gala of the year Age 2 continued their success with 19 PB’s and there were some outstanding performances over the afternoon.

For the 9 year old boys Samuel Bailey swam in the 100m Breast and 50 Fly were he won 2 Gold’s, gained an 11 sec PB in the Fly just missing his Yorkshire time by half a second, Lewis Collins won 2 silvers and gained a 2 sec PB in the 100 breast.

For the 10 year the competition was tough as Lewis Marsters, Luke Taylor and Matthew Longhorn battled for times and Medals with Age group one. In the 200 Backstroke Matthew Longhorn won bronze in a time of 3:19.26 a 5 sec PB, Marsters took 4th place just outside his PB while Taylor took 5th place. In the 200IM Lewis Marsters had the swim of his Life taking bronze in a time of 3:34.54 a PB by an amazing 19sec’s and Luke Taylor took 4th spot.

The 9 year old girls were well represented in the 100m Breast and 50 Fly were Aleah Ross achieved 2 Gold’s and a 5 sec PB in the 100 breast, Hollie Verity won 2 silvers and gained an 11 sec PB in the 100 breast and swimming the 50 Fly for the first time achieved her Yorkshire time in 48:74 sec’s, Madeleine Tait won 2 Bronze medals gaining a PB in the 50 fly and Emily Syddall placed 4th in both events gaining PB’s in both of them.

Swimming for the 10 and 11 year old girls were Melissa Machin, Amy Greenacre, Cesena Ball, Emily Taite, Francesca Cone, Laura Bailes and Alex Millington.

The 10 year old 100m Breast was the first event were Melissa Machin took Gold in 1:49.51 a 7 sec PB; Amy Greenacre won bronze in PB time of 2:03.83. For the 11 year olds Cesena Ball swam for the distance for the first time competitively.

In the 10 year olds 50m fly Melissa Machin took Gold in 44.77 a 5 sec PB and Emily Taite won bronze in PB time of 50.06.

The 200m Backstroke produced medals and PB’s for Emily Taite silver with a PB of 3.43.56, Francesca Cone bronze in an amazing PB time of 3:43.87 an unbelievable 15 sec’s improvement, while Laura Bailes just missed out on her PB and Amy Greenacre swam for the distance for the first time competitively in a great time 3.54.16.

In the 200m IM Melissa Machin won silver with a PB of 3.25.97 a fantastic 14 sec’s faster than previously, Emily Taite won bronze in a PB time of 3:40.75 a 5 sec’s improvement, while Alex Millington took 4th place in a time of 3.57.56 an outstanding PB by 43 sec’s and Amy Greenacre swam the distance for the first time competitively in a time 4.04.78.Laura Bailes gained a time of 3.54.11 a PB of 4 sec’s in the 11 year olds event.

Age 1

Swimmers also took part in the last club gala of the year, after an intense morning training session looking to work on doing their best. 10-year-old Darcy Hambly got the day off to a fantastic start claiming the gold medal in the 200 I.M

In the 11/12 year category .Shannon MCgahey took the gold with a PB while Hannah Falkinder took the silver with Lauren Hall claiming the bronze with a PB. Charlotte Oliver ,Chloe Hamilton and Hannah Willingham all put in great swims to get new PB’S. Katie Young put in a good swim in the 13 /14 year category to come 4th. 50 fly was the next race up and this time Darcy’s PB of 45.41 got her the silver medal .Hannah F took the gold medal with a new PB of34.04,Shannon got a new PB to claim the silver and Lauren’s PB got her the bronze medal . Leoni Bull ,charlotte and Hannah Willingham all put in super swims to get new PB’s .Katie got a 5 second PB in her 50 fly. The 100m breast was the third race of the gala .Darcey managed another PB to claim her second silver of the gala . In the 11/12’s Lauren swam her way to the gold this time with Shannon taking the sliver and Hannah F the bronze .Chloe got a new PB with Charlotte and Hannah Willingham putting in good swims. The last race of the day was the 200m Back Darcey put in a amazing swim to get the gold in a new time of 3.06.50 a 10 second PB. The same three 11/12’s battled it out for the top place with Hannah F taking her second gold. Shannon got a PB to take her third silver of the gala and Lauren got a 5 second PB to claim her third bronze medal of the gala . Charlotte got a new PB with Chloe and Hannah Willingham putting in great swims.

Seven girls represented the Regional Squad in the over 13-age group, collecting 3 medals. Silver and bronze went to 13 year olds Emma Beadle and Zoe Webster respectively in the 200m IM and Jess Kelsey (14) took bronze in the 50m butterfly. Eleanor Johnstone (16) swam very well, achieving two good personal best swims in the 100m breaststroke and 200m backstroke showing that all the hard effort in training does pay off. Sisters Maria (14) and Isabella Moore (13) also had good swims, Maria knocking a massive 17 seconds off her 200m IM time whilst Isabella took 12 seconds off her 50m butterfly. Also swimming well was Ellie McKay who has just returned to competing after a few months break. The boy were well represented by James Rodmell who improved his 200m im time, Thomas Longhorn had an impressive swim in the 100m breaststroke improving his best time by 5 seconds. The Downes brothers Fionnbhar and Conor both had good swims in their events, 14 year old Heshaw Mardan was probably the stand out swimmer for the boys with a massive 10 second improvement in his 50 fly event.