The 3rd Kingston Upon Hull Level 4 Club Championships of the year held at the Ennerdale Leisure Centre in Hull on Saturday the 12th March, saw a number of 6-year-old swimmers from the tadpole squad getting their first taste of competitive swimming and also ex international swimmer Hollie O’Conner swimming in her first gala in over 6 years. Former Great Britain international swimmer O’Conner is back training with the Regional Development squad and still holds Yorkshire County records in the 50m,100m and 200m backstroke events that date back to 2004.


The tadpole/novice events at this club gala was well supported with 30 entries in 25m free and 24 in 25m breaststroke and as usual these swimmers did not disappoint with their enthusiasm and ability.

The boys 25m free was won by James Dodd in a time of 18.89 seconds, with Michael Hill coming in 2nd and Nathan Porter 3rd. The girls event was won by Rebecca Budgeon in a time of 21.74 seconds, with newcomer Isabelle Waudby 2nd and Grace Bird 3rd.

In the breaststroke, James Dodd and Michael Hill finished 1st & 2nd again with Oliver Agar coming in 3rd and gaining his first ever medal at the club. Megan Seeney won the girl’s event in a time of 30.34 seconds, with Paris Croll 2nd and Isabelle Waudby 3rd. This group has a large number of 6 year olds some of which were competing for the first time and all showed how well they were doing and what a talent we have for the future.

In the novice race (8 and under) the 25 free was won by Oliver Farrah in a time of 20.12, and in the girls 25m free and breaststroke result was Megan Gray 1st and Helen Beales 2nd for both events.


Age Group 3

A great start was seen by our younger age group 3’s which saw Megan Gray achieve gold medals in the 25m breastroke and 25m freestyle gaining new PB’s for both races. Also Helen Beales achieved a silver medal gaining a new PB of 22.38 in the 25m freestyle improving her time by 2 secs. Oliver Farrah gained a gold medal in the 25m freestyle.

An outstanding performance was seen in the Boys 100m IM that saw Joshua Wormald gain a gold medal, Liam Spence a silver and Charlie Bucur a bronze. A good performance was also seen by William Bucur and Glyn Richardson.

Next was the Girls 100m IM which saw Lily Hawkard take gold, Jolie Bull taking silver, improving her PB by 5 secs, and Aimee Naylor taking the bronze and improving her time by over 5 secs. Other great performances in this event were seen by Ruby Willingham who gained a 4 second PB, Josie Schorah, Alexandra Rolmanis, Katy Greenacre and Emily Thackray-Nocera.

In the Girls 100m Backstroke, excellent performances was seen by Lily Hawkard, Jolie Bull, Aimee Naylor, Ellie Peaks, Emily Thackray, Ruby Willingham, Katy Greenacre, Josie Scorah and Alexandra Rolmanis.

In the boys 100m Backstroke, excellent performances were also seen by, Cameron Offen, Charlie Bucur, Joshua Wormald, William Bucur and Glyn Richardson. For some of the age 3 swimmers it was their first ever 100m Backstroke race.

Age 2 Squad

In Club Gala 3, all the hard work the squad and Mike have put into training really showed through on the day with 16 PB’s.

First up were the Girls in the open 400m IM for the 11 Yrs/Under Aleah Ross took Silver with a 10 year olds Yorkshire Time of 7:02.41. Great first time swims in this event came from Mellissa Machin (7:21.26) and Francesca Cone (8:09.07). In the 12/13 Yrs Age Group Laura Bailes swam a fantastic PB time of 7:47.90, which was a 33 sec improvement.

Next up was the Boys open 400m IM, for the 11 Yrs/Under where Samuel Bailey who took Bronze with a 10 year olds Yorkshire Time of 7:28.28 and Lewis Marsters who swam a great PB time of 7:47.13 an improvement of 13.72 sec on his previous best time. In the 12/13 Yrs Age Group Luke Chapman put in a great performance (7:19.57) competing in this event for the first time.

In the 100m IM Girls Hollie Verity swam a 6 sec PB improvement time of 1:37.29 on her way to winning Gold.

The Girls 100m Back saw some fantastic times, Silver going to Aleah Ross 1:32.77, Bronze to Mellissa Machin in a 14sec PB time of 1:33.29 and then PBs times were achieved by Hollie Verity 1:39.09 (4 sec’s), Emily Tate 11:40.50 (4sec’s), Natasha Clark 1:46.72 (14sec’s), Emily Wilkinson 1:49.74 (6sec’s). Swimming the event for the first time with great swims were Francesca Cone 1:41.82, Alex Millington 1:42.14 and Amy Greenacre 1:42.62. In the 12/13 Yrs Age Group Laura Bailes swam a great PB time of 1:40.88, which was a 5 sec improvement.

The final event of the day was the Boys 100m Backstroke where less than half a second separated the 2nd to 5th places with Matthew Longhorn taking Silver with a PB time of 1:31.11 (6 sec’s), Lewis Collins taking 4th in a PB time of 1:31.28 (16sec’s) and Samuel Bailey taking fifth 1:31.70 (3 sec’s) and both Samuel and Lewis were just outside of the 10 yrs NER times. PB’s were also achieved in great swims by Luke Taylor 1:33.13 (3 sec’s), Lewis Marsters 1:36.28 (2 sec’s) and Logan Young 1:43.57 (10sec’s). In the 12/13 Yrs Age Group Luke Chapman put in a great performance achieving his PB time of 1:47.54 (5 sec’s).


Age 1 Squad

Age 1 swimmers took part in the club gala after a hard mornings training, and the 10 year olds got off to a winning start.

Darcey Hambly claimed the gold in a fantastic 39 second personal best in a time of 6.23.34, which was an 11year olds Yorkshire qualifying time. Not to be out done Jack woodcock took the gold in a time of 6.52.16 a massive 53-second improvement to also gain his 11-year-old Yorkshire qualifying time. 11-year-old Ben Chapman took the silver medal swimming in this event for the first time.

In the 12/13 age group Shannon Mcgahey took the gold with a 10 second improvement in a time of 5.29.58, with Emily Bailey claiming the silver with a 7 second personal best. Jessica Chapman swam the race for the first time and managed to claim the bronze medal. Hannah Willingham swam the event for the first time coming in fourth, Chloe Hamilton managed a 3 second personal best swim and Leoni Bull took a huge 43 seconds of her best time.

Will Maddrell took the gold in the boys 12/13 age with a 18 second personal best in a time of 5.26.18, Bailey Hairsine claimed the silver with a 11 second personal best. Tom King swam the event for the first time and finished in a time of 5.48.31, Daniel Stone came in 4th with a 7 second PB and Ruairidh Cleland managed a massive 56 seconds personal best swim.

The next event for the age one swimmers was the 100m backstroke, where Darcey took the gold in this event as well with a new best time. In the boys 11 year and under age it was Ben Chapman who swam his way to a 6 second improvement to take the Gold in a great time of 1.22.00. Jack woodcock also lowered his time in this event to take the bronze medal.

In the 12/13 age group it was Emily Bailey who’s superb swim claimed her the gold medal in a time of 1.11.62 a new personal best and bringing her to within mere seconds of her national time. Shannon took the silver with a new PB and Chloe Hamilton claimed the bronze medal. Hannah, Abigail Malton, Leoni Bull and Jessica all managed PB’s in this event, which was a great achievement after the 400IM.

In the boys category it was Will Maddrell who claimed his second gold medal, with Daniel stone swimming his way into the medals this time picking up the silver medal. Tom king took his second Bronze medal in a time of 1.21.84, with Bailey Hairsine coming in 4th.

Putting in a great swim was Nathan Greenwood who is suffering from a knee injury at the moment but despite this still managed a new time. Ruairidh managed a PB in this event as well, with Josh Hawkard and Joe Morris both putting good swims in during the Gala.

Regional Squad

The Regional Development squad had a large turn out with 14 year olds Emma Beadle and Zoe Webster both improving their 400IM time by 16 seconds and 17-year-old Eleanor Johnstone improving her time by 9 seconds.

In the 100m backstroke sisters Isabella and Maria Moore both improved their time Maria by 3 seconds and Isabella by 6 seconds. In the same event Jess Kelsey (15) also improved her time. The overall gold medal went to 21-year-old Hollie O’Conner with an impressive swim in one of her favourite events.

The boys from the regional Development squad also swam well with the most improved performance coming from 15-year-old Heshaw Mardam who improved his 400-im time by 28 second and lowered his 100m backstroke by 3 seconds. Tom Longhorn showed steady improvement in the 100m backstroke as did Jan Tomasz. 18-year-old Tom Clarke took silver in the boys open 100m backstroke in a personal best time of 1.03.93.