Middlesbrough open meet.

Kingston upon Hull had number of swimmers representing them at the Middleborough on the weekend of 6,7 and 8th of May.

Daniel Stone swam in several events his best efforts came in the 100 fly where he swam a 4 second PB of 1.16.21. He then went on to medal success in the 200m back were his PB gained him the silver medal in a time of 2.35.85. He took his second silver medal in the 100m back knocking 2 seconds of his time finishing in 1.13.01. Daniel swam in the 200m I.M where he qualified for the skins.

Bailey Hairsine had a fantastic weekend and all his hard work seems to be paying off with 5 medals, 7 PB’s and 3 NER times. Bailey swam in the 100m back to gain a 3 second PB and swimming it in a NER time. In the 100m fly another 3 second PB saw him claim the bronze medal. In the 200m back he swam his way to a PB of 2.40.76 to gain the bronze medal and a NER time. In the 200m fly Baileys efforts took him to a 3 second PB and a silver medal. In the 200m free took a fantastic 7 seconds of his time to take his second silver medal and a third NER time of 2:21.1. Bailey’s best swim came in the 400m free where he knocked a huge 14 seconds of his time to finish it in 5:00.91 claiming the bronze medal.

Will Maddrell had a great gala swimming in 7 events and gaining PB’s in them all. Will swam in the 200m breast, 100 fly and 200 free where he managed new times in them all. Will also swum in the 100m back where he gained a 3 second PB to finish in a time of 1.13.55 in the 200m I.M it was another 3 second PB to finish in a time of 2.33.47. Will swam the 100m breast in a time of 1.20.33 to knock 6 seconds of his previous time. Will’s best swim came in the 200m fly where he knocked a massive 17 seconds of his time to finish in a time of 2.34.37.

Jessica Chapman had a great weekend her best swims came in the 100m breast where she swam a new time of 1.28.53 to claim the bronze medal. Jessica knocked a great 6-second of her time in the 200m breast to finish in a time of 3.05.97 to claim the silver medal and her first NER time.

Darcey Hambly had an excellent weekend also swimming PB’s in all her races and walking away with 7 NER times. Darcey managed a 5th place and 4th place, and then walked away with 5 silver medals in her other events, she swam the 100m Back in 1.25.10, the 200m free in 2.38.80 and did a fantastic 5.30.60 in the 400m free.

Shannon Mcgahey was in excellent form having a fantastic gala gaining PB’s in most of her races. Shannon came 4th in her backstroke races, the 100m and 200m where she knocked 7 seconds of her time. Shannon having been working really hard on fly made sure it paid of by scooping the gold medals in 100m and 200m fly swimming them in great times of 1.13.74 and 2.38.00. Shannon did a treble in the free events claiming all 3 gold medals swimming 100m in 1.05.21,200m in 2.17.49 and the 400m in an amazing time of 4.47.74. Shannon also claimed the bronze medal in the 200m I.M to qualify for the girl’s skins.

Emily Bailey had a great gala , managing 6 top 5 finishes and 4 PB’s and 3 medals. Emily managed a PB in her 200m free and placed 4th in her 100m free with a PB of 1.05.91. She swam her way to the silver medal in 100m back and then went on to swim her way to a 5 second PB in the 200m I.M to finish in a time of 2.38.37 taking her second silver medal of the gala . Emily put a great swim in ,in the 200m back to finish in a new time of 2.35.59 to take the gold medal.

The skins where held Saturday afternoon and the top 6 qualifiers from the I.M are pitied against each other in a knock out race. Each event is a 50m race picked at random with the slowest in that event going out. The Kingston swimmers had the support of the entire team behind them. Bailey and Daniel swum in the boys 12 and under with Bailey making it to the second races but losing out in the second heat. Daniel made it all the way to the 4th races, where the judges had to go away to view the times they were so close and Daniel was declared out, much to the protest of the Kingston supporters, Daniel walked away with £10 cash prize for his 3rd place. Shannon was up next for the girls and managed to swim her way to the final 2 swimmers, the luck of the draw unfortunately was not on Shannon’s side and Backstroke was drawn. Shannon only just lost out to her 12 year old competitor. Walking away with the 2nd place prize