Club Championship 6 Report
Ennerdale Leisure Centre
Saturdary 16th July 2011

Age 1 Squad

Age one swimmers took part in the club 50m sprints to finish their season of in winning form. The first event was the 50m fly where Emily Bailey took the gold in the 12/13 years in a time of 33.90 with Lauren hall the silver in 34.61 Hannah Willingham claimed the bronze medal with Chloe Hamilton and Abigail Malton had great swims. In the boys 10/11 years group Ben Chapman took the gold and Jack woodcock placed 4th.

In the 12/13 boys Daniel Stone claimed the gold medal in a time of 33.84, with Bailey Hairsine taking the silver in a time of 34.25 and Tom King the bronze with a good swim been seen by Josh Hawkard.

The next event was the back where Emily swam her way to her second gold medal in a time of 33.66 Lauren took her second silver in a time of 37.22 and Hannah took the bronze medal. Chloe and Jessica Chapman placed 4th and 5th respectively. Ben took his second gold medal in a time of 39.94 with jack placing 4th again. Daniel swam his way to his second gold medal in a time of 34.84 with Tom taking the silver and Bailey the bronze with Josh placing 4th.

In the breast it was Laurens turn to take the gold in a time of 40.59 Emily took the silver and the fight for the bronze medal was a close one with Jess just taking it in a time of 43.37 with Hannah and Chloe finishing in times of 43.72 and 43.75 respectively. Abigail put in a good swim. Nathan swam his way to gold in the boys event in a time of 42.79 with Tom taking his second silver in a time of 42.97 with Daniel taking the bronze and Bailey placing 4th.

In the final event of freestyle it was Lauren who swam her way to her second gold in a time of 30.64 with Emily taking her second Silver of the gala with Jess taking the Bronze. And Hannah Chloe and Abigail putting in great swims. Ben Chapman scooped his 3rd Gold medal in a time of 34.90 and Jack took the silver in a time of35.28. It was Tom’s turn to scoop the gold for the 12/13 boys in a time of 30.35 with Daniel taking the silver and Bailey the bronze with Nathan placing 4th. All swimmers did well having little rest between events and still managing Pb’s and medals

Age 3 Squad

The first event to kick start the 6th club championship gala was the girls 50m Butterfly which saw Lily Hawkard take the gold, Ellie Peaks the silver, taking a huge 10 secs of her personal best and Jolie Bull the Bronze with a 2 sec PB.

Next up came the boys 50m butterfly which saw good performances by Charlie Bucur, Liam Spence and William Bucur.

In the Girls 50m Backstroke, Lily Hawkard gained gold, Ellie peaks silver and a 6 sec PB and Jolie Bull took the Bronze, good swims were also seen by Ruby Willingham who achieved a 7 sec PB.

The Boys 50m Backstroke age 9yrs saw Cameron Offen take the gold medal achieving a 4 sec PB, a good swim also seen by Joshua Wormald.

In the 10/11 yrs age group some excellent performances were seen by our age group 3’s, with lots of PB’s achieved, William Bucur 4sec’s, Charlie Bucur 2 sec’s.

Event 5 saw the Girls 50m Breaststroke, Lily Hawkard achieved her 3rd Gold of the day, Alexandra Rolmanis took the silver and Jolie Bull the Bronze.

Next came the Boys 50m Breaststroke, good swims were seen by all the age 3 boys and good timings were achieved.

The final event for the Girls was the 50m freestyle, which saw Lily Hawkard achieve her 4th gold medal of the day; silver went to Ellie Peaks and Bronze to Jolie Bull.

To finish the Gala it was the Boys 50m Freestyle, 9yrs age group saw Cameron Offen narrowly beaten to take a silver medal. 10/11yrs age, Liam Spence, Charlie Bucur and Michael Hill gave 100% and achieved good times.