13 year old Kingston Upon Hull swimmer Chloe Hamilton has won a place at a prestigious sports college in Plymouth where she will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gold medallist Tom Daley .

Chloe competes in modern Pentathlons and it was while she was at the National British Fencing competition in July that Chloe got asked to attend a selection. As the head coach knew she also did pentathlons, she was offered place after sitting academic and fitness tests. Chloe will train in all 5 sports in a modern pentathlon squad (fencing, swimming, running, target shooting and horse riding) and she will have a personalised programs put in place for her.

The focus is on being good at all five events so the benefit is having someone manage her training with some of the top coaches and they will decide what competitions she has to do. The school has a very good reputation where 20% of pupils are elite athletes and they are really good at making sure kids get good academic results plus excel in sport.

She is also going to be kept busy in the swimming pool as she is hoping to train a couple of times with one of the top British swimming clubs Plymouth, Leander Swimming Squad.

When Chloe returns during the school holidays she will continue to train with Age 1 at Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club.