Hull Open Meet
Ennerdale Leisure Centre, Hull
Sunday 2nd October 2011

Kingston upon Hull swimmers were out to impress at their first major gala in the new season. Swimming in the Hull open at Ennerdale on Sunday the 2nd of October. The gala gave swimmers for the area the chance to secure their qualifying times for the North East Region gala which will be held in November.

Age 1 Squad

11 year Olds Yasmin Brown and Darcey Hambly were shinning stars as they managed to take 8 top finishes between them, they took 4 gold medals and 4 silver medals respectively. Yasmin had a fantastic day managing a PB to take the gold in 50 breast, a new PB in the 200m I.M and she swam her way to the gold in the200m back in a time of 2.50.91 to gain her 12 year old N.E.R time, she managed this again in 200m free swimming in a time of 2.29.12 to gain her second 12 year N.E.R time and her 4th gold medal of the day. Darcey managed to swim her way to the silver in the 200m free and 50m free, in the 200m back she gained a new PB time of 2.56.84 and took the silver and in the 200m breast she took her fourth silver medal in a new PB time of 3.32.18.


The younger swimmers in age 1 impressed as well, 10 year olds Lewis Collins and Aleah Ross. Lewis took the 5th place medal in 50m breast and gained a PB in his 200m I.M to take the 5th place medal again. Lewis managed a PB in 200m back to claim the bronze medal. His best finish came in the 200m breast where he swam his way to the silver medal. Aleah swam her way to a new PB the in 200m breast to take the 4th place medal. In the 200m back she managed a great 8 second PB to gain her 10 year old Yorkshire qualifying time. Aleah's best finish came in the 50m free were a great swim saw her scoop the gold medal in a time of 34.94 a 11 year old Yorkshire time.

The rest of the 11 year olds did not disappoint, Leoni Bull looked to be back in form taking home 4 medals. Managing to gain a small PB in the 200m free to take the 5th place medal. In the 200m back her PB gained her the 4th place medal. In the last race of the day she swam her way to a new PB time of 3.28.16 to take the bronze medal in the 200m fly. Her top finish came in the 50m fly where she scooped the gold medal.

Melissa Machin also had some good swims, her top finish came in the 50m breast where her efforts gained her the silver medal. Emma Newmarch hard work showed as she took the 4th place medal in 50m breast and gained a 3 second PB in 200m back and she swam her way to a well earned 8 second PB in 200m I.M. Emily Taits efforts paid off as managed to gain PB’s in all her races, she swam in the 200m free and 50m breast. Emily managed a great 6 second PB in the 200m I.M and a fantastic 9 second PB in her 200m back.

11 year old Ben Chapman walked away with a PB in his 200 free and the 5th place medal. He swam his way to the top spot in the 200m back and 50 free taking home 2 gold medals. . Matthew Longhorn managed to take home 3 medals he took the 5th place medal in 50m breast the bronze medal in 200m free and scooped the silver medal in the 200m back. Jack woodcock managed to swim his way to 3 PB’s and 2 medals he gained a PB in the 50 and 200m breaststroke. Jack took the bronze medal in 50m free and his top finish came in 200m free where he gained a PB to take the silver medal.

The 12 year olds also impressed swimming in a hard age 12/13 category they still walked away with medals and PB’s. Tom King gave his training partner Yasmin a run for her money by gaining PB’s in all his races.

Tom claimed the silver medal in 50m free and his best swim came in the 200m fly where all his hard work paid off with a fantastic 8 second PB which gained him his 12 year N.E.R time and the bronze medal. Elliot Stephenson swam his way to 5 PB’s and 2 medals he took the bronze medal in 50m breast and all his efforts paid off in the 50m back were his time of 39.19 scooped him the gold medal. Laura Bailes managed 4 PB’s in the gala, her best swim coming in the 200m free where she knocked a massive 17 seconds off her time to go under 3.00 for the first time.

Daniel stone swam his way to 3medals and top 6 finishes in all his races he took 6th place in the 200m free with a new. He took 5th place in the 200m fly in a time of 2.58. Daniel scooped the bronze medal in 200m I.M in a new PB time of 2.44.75. He took his second bronze medal in the 50m free with a new PB time of 32.39. Daniels top finish came in the 200m back where his efforts claimed him the silver medal in a great time of 2.35.01.


Age 2 Squad

The boys of Age Group 2 finished the day’s events with personal bests and medals in the 10/11 years age group 50m backstroke as Matthew Dixon finished 3rd, in 46.84, James Dodd took silver, in 45.93, and Charlie Bucur, took gold in a time of 44.94. Matthew set five personal best times and James took 20.79 seconds off his personal bests across the four events in which he competed. Another swimmer making impressive times was Ethan Kingdom who recorded a 200m freestyle time of 3:32.14 beating his previous best by 27.06 seconds and in the 50m events took 7.63 off his backstroke time and a massive 14.48 off his freestyle finishing in 40.24.

In the 9 year old girls’ events Hollie Verity smashed her 200m backstroke time by 47 seconds finishing in 3.17.46 to take gold, another gold came in the 200m breaststroke and silvers came in both 50m butterfly and 200m freestyle, Jolie Bull also achieved medals in all her events finishing third in 50m butterfly and 200m freestyle and took a second place silver in 50m freestyle. Also in the 9 year old girls races Hannah Sedman-Smith finished with a silver medal in the 200m backstroke, and making her debut at this level Ellie Peaks finished 2nd in the 50m freestyle in a Yorkshire qualifying time of 48.34. Another debutant, Ruby Willingham, also achieved Yorkshire qualifying times as she finished 3rd in both 50m backstroke (49.14) and freestyle (42.78). In the 10/11 years age group Megan Batterbee set a new personal best of 3:14.59 in 200m backstroke, also a Yorkshire qualifying time, Alex Millington beat her personal best in 200m backstroke by 10 seconds, 200m breaststroke by 18.4 seconds, and a huge 27 seconds in the 200m freestyle, and Emily Wilkinson was delighted to collect her first medal for 6 months in the 50m breaststroke.

Samuel Bailey had a fantastic gala managing to scoop 5 gold medals in the 9years age. He claimed the gold in 200m free and 200m breast. In the 200 Back Sam got a 2 sec PB in a new time of 3.13.97 to take his 3rd gold medal . Sam swam his way to a 1 sec PB in a new time of 51.51 in the 50 Breast , to take the gold medal. Sams best swim came in the200m IM where his fantastic 12 sec PB gained him a new time of 3.16.01 and the 1st place gold medal.

Age 3 Squad

To kick start the gala we saw the boys 50m Backstroke 9yrs, which saw Nathan Porter gain a Bronze medal.

Next came the Boys 200m Freestyle 9yrs, Cameron Offen came 3rd gaining a bronze medal knocking over 11 seconds off his previous pb

In the 10yrs and over category, saw good performances by William Bucur, Michael Hill and Liam Spence. Then came the girls 50m Breaststroke 9yrs, Paris Croll gained a Bronze medal in a time of 55:15, good performances were also seen by Iyanna Purdy , Grace Bird, Lily May Wilkinson and Ella Rose Pearson.

In the 10yrs and over Millie Eason, Zeita Tootle, Josie Scorah and Rebecca Budgen all put in a good performance. Paris Croll gained her 2nd Bronze in the girls 9yrs 200m Breaststroke. To finish off the morning came the Boys 200m Backstroke 9yrs, Cameron Offen gained his 2nd Bronze medal of the session.

To start off the afternoon for age 3 we saw the Boys 50m Breastsroke, in the 9yrs, Cameron Offen gained a 4th. In the 10 yrs and over good performances was seen by Michael Hill, Liam Spence, William Bucur and Jack Massam.

Next up was the Girls 50m Backstroke which saw some excellent performances. In the Girls 200m Freestyle, Grace Bird, Emily Thackray and Paris Croll put in a great effort. Up next we saw the Boys 50m Freestyle 9yrs, which Nathan Porter gains a Bronze. To finish off the day we saw the Girls 50m Freestyle which saw good timings achieved by all the age 3 swimmers.

Regional Development Squad

The regional Development squad also were well represented at the gala with 19 swimmers competing and between them they swum an impressive 39 personal best swims. Leading the way was senior swimmer Adam Winder who won the 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and also the 50m freestyle in a time of 24.51 seconds. 17 year olds Aaron Tomasz and Dale Booth were also in the medals, Aaron won the 200m freestyle in a time of 2.05.3 seconds and also the 200m backstroke event, Dale manages silver in his favourite event 50m butterfly. Other gold medal performances came from newcomer to the squad Joe Morris who won the 14/15 years 200m backstroke and Connor Downs who won the 50m butterfly at the same age group. 15 year old Jan Tomasz won the 200m breaststroke and came second in the 14/15 years 50m freestyle event. 17 year old twins Katie and Josie Murray both managed 2 silver medals each, Katie in the 50m butterfly and 200im and Josie in the 50m breast and backstroke events.