Thank you for attending the 2011 AGM

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting on Friday 20th January and to introduce the new committee to you all. Firstly, we are excited to welcome Pete Richardson as our new Chairman.

Secondly, I am pleased to have been re-elected to the committee and we welcome back Sarah Tate, Glenis Williamson, Karl Larkin, Glen Bailey and Nina Curran.

We are also very excited to have new members appointed this year. We would like to welcome Mike Blain, Andy Wormald, Hayley Offen, Peter Braimbridge and Andy Conlon.

These are the 12 members that have been appointed as Trustees for the term 2012.

  • Pete Richardson (Chairman)
  • Angela Larkin (Secretary)
  • Sarah Tate (Treasurer)
  • Andy Wormald (Elected Member)
  • Nina Curran (Elected Member)
  • Karl Larkin (Elected Member)
  • Hayley Offen (Elected Member)
  • Andy Conlon (Elected Member)
  • Mike Blain (Co-Opt Member )
  • Glenis Williamson (Co-Opt Member )
  • Peter Braimbridge (Co-Opt Member )
  • Glen Bailey (Co-Opt Member )