Ennerdale Pool is the only facility in the City that fufil’s the criteria as required by the ASA for a competition pool. Therefore, it is of benefit to the Whole City.

We have 4 weeks to get as many signatures as possible from the residents of Hull.

Can you please circulate to :

  1. As many members as possible.
  2. As many friends as possible.
  3. As many relatives as possible.
  4. As many Schools as possible.
  5. As many Companies as possible.
  6. As many Organisations as possible.

Parliamentary petitions have to be paper-based (ie old fashioned) and with the correct wording.

However, although people have to sign by hand in the old fashioned way I’m sure we can use technology to get the PDF round to people so they can print them off and start collecting names.

Filled sheets need to be returned to Diana at the Commons, it’s all on the bottom of the petition.

We need to get as many names as possible over 4 weeks.

You can download the petition document to fill in by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your support.