Event : YSA Winter Championships 2015
Date : Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2015
Location : Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield
Course : Short Course – 25 metre.

KUHSC was represented well at the Winter Yorkshire Championship at Sheffield Ponds Forge on 10th & 11th October. There was massive Pb’s, 10 ten finishes and plenty of NER qualifying times.

Regional A Squad

Regional A took took 13 swimmers. On form Liam Spence improved his 200m IM time by 2 seconds. Jake Conlon, returning from injury swam in the 200 IM and managed a pb on his 100m free. Completing the boys was Mitchell Davis with a strong swim in the 200m IM.

The girls had a successful weekend with 13 year old Jolie Bull and 14 year old Megan Batterbee, both taking an impressive 3 seconds off their 100m freestyle. Other personal best times came from Melissa Machin in the 100m fly & breast, Leoni Bull 100m free, Kennedy Akrill 100m free, Katie Nicholson 100m free and Ruby Willingham 100m back.

Completing the line up were, Abigail Malton, swimming in the backstroke and breaststroke events. Anna Rogerson freestyle and IM, Antonia Brittain freestyle and Hannah Willingham who qualified for all 5 events.

Junior A Squad

Ellie Hextall, 13, pulled out all the stops to have an amazing weekend achieving a 3 second PB, 7th place and winter North East Regional (NER) time in 100m butterfly. Ellie also secured a 2 second PB & NER time in 200m Individual Medley (IM) with top 10 finish; 4th place and PB in 100m Breaststroke; PB and Bronze medal in 100m Freestyle and PB and 12th place finish in 100m backstroke.

Callum Willert, 11, was on top form swimming his way to silver with a 3 second PB in 100m Breaststroke. Callum also finished in the top 10 in 200m IM with a 5 second PB; 100m freestyle with a 2 second PB and a further top 10 finish in 100m Backstroke, all in NER qualifying times.

Lily Hawkard, 13, excelled with strong performances and PB’s in 200m IM, 100m Butterfly, finishing both races in the top 10 with NER times. Lily also PB’d by 4 seconds in 100m Breaststroke in an NER time, and claimed a further PB in 100m Freestyle.

Molly Green, 11, swam exceptionally well, clinching Bronze & PB in 200m IM in a winter NER time as well as a further NER time, PB and top 10 finish in 100m Freestyle. Molly also wiped 3 seconds off her PB in 100m Backstroke and finished in the top 10 in 100m Breaststroke.

More Impressive swims came from Frances Luckup, 13, who achieved a winter NER time and PB in 100m Backstroke and PB’d in 100m Freestyle. Megan Gray, 12, gave strong swims to finish in the top 10 with PB’s in 100m Butterfly, 200m IM and 100m Freestyle. Megan gained a further PB in 100m Breaststoke.

Alex Everson, 13 and carter Lees, 12 impressed in the 100m Backstroke events both achieving Winter NER times and PB’s. Carter also wiped a massive 8 seconds off his PB in 200m IM and Alex claimed a futher PB in 100m Freestyle.

Junior B Squad

In an outstanding performance Joshua Wormald who celebrated his 13th birthday on the first day of competition, sliced 6 seconds from his 100m back time, to finish in 1.10.47, gaining a top 10 finalist place, a 13 year old winter NER time and a 14 year old Summer NER. Josh also achieved a 2 second pb in the 100m free with his finish time of 1.05.78, qualifying for the Spring Yorkshire championships.

Finlay Gownan.12, put in a strong performance, setting a new 5 second pb in the 200m IM, with a time of 2.51.37. Finlay also knocked a second off his 100m free, with a new time of 1.10.21 .Benjamin Shipley swam in 2 events over the weekend. He gained a 1 sec pb in 100m free with a new time of 1.06.02 and a massive 7sec pb in 200m IM with a new time of 2.41.44, both earning him spring Yorkshire qualifying times.

A superb performance from Izzy Hextall, 10, resulted in pb’s across the board and four top ten placings. Izzy took 7 seconds off her 100m breast, five seconds from her 100m back, and 4 seconds from her 200m IM and her 100m fly, achieving 4th place. She saved the best for last though and achieved a 1.5 sec pb in the 100m free giving her a silver medal and missing out on gold by only 0.08 seconds. Izzy also set a new club record with her time of 1.09.38. In a great weekend swimming, Molly Raithby, 9, achieved pb’s in all her five races. Molly achieved top five places in all her events, coming second in the 100m IM, 4th in the 50m freestyle, 50m breast and 50m backstroke, and 5th in the 50m fly. Molly also achieved her spring Yorkshire qualifying times in all events.

Grace Rispin, 11, had another outstanding gala, gaining pb’s in all of her four events and gaining her first NER time for her 100m free.

Maisie Foster, 13.gained her second pb on her 200m IM in the space of a week, knocking a second off to finish in a new time of 2.51.30. Maisie went on to knock another 2 seconds off her 100m free Izzy Waudby,12, set three new pb’s over the weekend, in a great race Izzy sliced 3 seconds off her 100m back to finish in 1.16.00. Another 4 seconds from her 200m IM and 4 seconds from her 100m frees time finished a great weekend of swimming for Izzy.

11 year old Libby Ackrill competed in two races over the weekend, matching her pb in the 100m backs and slicing a second from her previous time in the 100m free. Competing in four races in the championships 10 year old Tayla Ross set 4 new pb’s, knocking a fantastic 9 seconds off her 100m breast. Tayla took 4 seconds off her 200m IM and 3 off her 100m free, finishing the weekend with a 12 sec pb on her 100m back.

Scarlett Lees set three new pb’s across her three events. In a strong swim Scarlett set a new time of 1.31.01 in her 100m back, and an excellent performance in the 100m free saw Scarlett set a new time of 1.18.71. Lily Tate, 12, competed in the 200mIM and the 100m free, and performed strongly in both events, enjoying the experience. Hollie McMullen, 11, worked hard in her 200m IM knocking another 5 seconds from her previous best time.