Keiran Kipling

Event : Club Championships 8 2015
Date : Saturday 11th November 2015
Location : Ennerdale Leaisure Centre, Hull
Course : Short Course – 25 metre.

Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club finished the season on a high note of success In the last Gala of the season there was strong performances, first swims and medals galore and Personal Bests galore.

Tadpoles Squad

Girls 7 years and under Victoria Sibova, 6, swam in a gala for the first time taking home the gold medals in the 25m back and free, Orla Caine ,7, took 6 secs off her 25m back taking 2nd place in the 25m free she took 5th place, Larah Kadir, 6, went home with the silver medal in the 25m back and 6th place in the 25m free knocking 6 secs off both races, Bethany Pinder, 7, knocked 3 secs off her 25m free coming in 2nd place and then taking 1 sec off her 25m back coming in 3rd, Daisy Farrar, 7, took 4th in the 25m free and 3rd in the 25m free, Isobel Skelton, 7, also swimming for the first time came 4th place in both the 25m back and free, Olivia Rozenbroek, 6,swam in the 25m back taking home 6th place. Rose Julian,6, and Evie Mcwatt, 7, both swam in their first club gala.

8 years and over Ruby Sellick, 8, Took gold in the 25m back and the 25m free, Elizabeth Hanson, 9, took silver in both races knocking 6 secs off the 25m back and 4 secs off the 25m free, Ruby Byram, 8,took home 3rd in the 25m back with a 2 sec pb and taking 4th place in the 25m free, Coby Spence, 8, gained a 2 sec pb in the 25m free taking 2nd and a 1 sec pb in the 25m back, Eliza Morris, 8, came 5th both her races taking 2 secs off the 25m free and Libby Whitfeild, 8, took 6th place in both her races.

Boys 7 years and under Harry Coates 7 took gold in both his races the 25m free and 25m back, Liam Jackson 7 gained a silver medal in the 25m free and 25m back, Ainus Kundrotas 7 gained a 3 second pb and 3rd place in the 25m free also 3rd place in the 25m back with a 2 second pb, Luke Robinson 7 gained 4th place in the 25m free and 5th place in the 25m back, Myles Higinbotham 6 took 5th place in the 25m free and 4th in the 25m back swimming for the first time.

8 years and over Landy Kadir, 8, achieved a 3 sec pb and gold in the 25m free also a 3 sec pb and a gold in the 25m back, Joshua Mccollin ,8, took silver in both his races the 25m free and 25m back, Frazer Pollard 8 gained a 3 sec pb in the 25m free taking bronze, Evan Russell, 8, achieved a 1 sec pb taking 4th place in the 25m free and a 2 sec pb in the 25m back also taking 4th place, Yesaya Tambunan, 12, went home with the bronze medal in the 25m back, Linas Domakas, 11, took 5th place in the 25m free also 5th place in the 25m back gaining a 1 sec pb, Matas Domakas 9 achieved a 3 sec pb in the 25m free taking 6th place, Oliver Caine 8 gained a 2 sec pb in the 25m back coming 6th place, Joseph Burke 9 and Bradley Hudson 9 both were on top form and had great races.

Rose Julian

Junior D Squad

For the majority of swimmers Club Gala 8 was their first as members of the Junior D squad. Nevertheless that did not prevent some outstanding personal performances.

For the Girls 100m IM, Jessica McCollin age 9 swam a very impressive 1:50.28 winning gold in the 100m IM, followed closely in second place by Olivia Harris,8 with an outstanding 1:54.42 to collect the silver medal. Claiming the bronze medal was Leah Longwa , 11, swimming 156:90. 10 fellow junior D girls recorded solid times in their first IM including Aoife Curran-Smirk .,8, who recorded an confidence building 16 sec PB.

For the Boys 100m IM, Event 6 saw the Junior D boys take to the blocks for the 100 IM. The first heat saw Riley Feehally,9, battle it out with Keiran Kipling,9,with only the smallest of margins deciding the heat result. Keiran swam a 2:09.02 whilst Riley swam a 2:09.06. A very close race for two IM debutants which saw the bronze medal go to Keiran. Heat 2 of the 100m boys IM saw William Callanan,9, swim a 1:58.69, a 13 sec PB for gold overall. Marco Longwa, 9, swam his first 100m IM in 2:02.06 which won him a silver medal. Solid efforts from Zac Kareem, 9, resulted in a time of 2:19.31 and Markuss Justovics swimming 2:24.87.

The 200m Backstroke event saw two Junior D members involved, Riley Feehally , 4:06.22 and Olivia Harris swimming a 4:03.

In the Girls 100m Breast, Jessica McCollin,9, lead the way for Junior D swimming 2:15.18 claiming a much deserved silver medal. Isabelle Bennett age 9 narrowly missed out on a bronze with 2:20.16. Fellow Junior D swimmers also swam some great times. Evie Coates age 9, 2:28.90. Sophia Barnett age 9, 2:29.41. Elise Waltham age 9, 2:35.25.

For the Boys 100m Breast, William Callanan age 9 swam a 2:16.32 to claim bronze, Leon Walton age 9 swam 2:20.47 and Marco Longwa age 8 swam 2:23.90.

The Girls 50m Freestyle, saw Jessica McCollin, continue her impressive form and record a time of 42.45 to claim a bronze medal, missing out on silver by a fingertip. Another great swim from Olivia Harris, swimming a 45:81. Results from other Junior D swimmers included Aoife Curran-Smirk with 57:20. Evie Coates, 49:84. Sophia Barrett, 9, 48.44. Isabelle Bennett age 9, 49.78 and Eilse Waltham,9, 47.79.

The Boys 50m Freestyle Open saw 7 Junior D swimmers competing. Debutant Keiran Kipling, and William Callanan ,went stroke for stroke to try and claim second place overall. Keiran pipping William to silver with the smallest of margins. Keiran swam 46:57 with William recording a time of 46.68 to seal third place and the bronze medal. There were also strong races from Riley Feehally, 49.19. Marco Longwa , 50.67. Leon Walton,9, 51.13. Markuss Justovics , 53:98. Zac Kareem , 54.90.

Junior B Squad

Finlay Gowan,12, had a fantastic afternoon, gaining 4 pb’s out of his 4 races. Finlay knocked 1 sec off his 200m back and his 50m free, another 2 seconds improvement in his 200m IM and then Finlay sliced an amazing 10 secs from his 100m breast time.

Isaac Blain,10, had a superb afternoon, going home with 4 gold medals from his 4 races, setting 4 new pb’s, including knocking 6 secs from his 200m back time.

Joshua Wormald, 13, also set 4 new personal best times across the afternoons racing. Joshua gained a great 8 second pb in his 200m IM achieving gold medal position. A second gold medal followed in the 100m breast, with a 5 second pb achieving a spring Yorkshire qualifying time. A silver medal followed in the 200 backstroke and a fourth place finish in the 50 freestyle.

Benjamin Shipley had a successful afternoon racing, in 4 events he achieved 2 bronze and 2 silver medals, and 3 spring Yorkshire qualifying times. Benjamin’s best result being a 6 second pb in the 200m back with a new time of 2.38.54.

Anya Betts,12, put in a sound performance in the 200m back, slicing a second from her previous time to take 5th place, Anya than set a new pb by 1 second in the 50m freestyle. Lily Tate, 12, had a phenomenal gala. She knocked a massive 7 seconds off her 200m IM and gained a 13 year old YQT, she then knocked 5 seconds off her 100m breaststroke. She followed this by gaining another 13 year old YQT in 200m back by knocking 3 seconds off her previous P.B and to round off the day knocked 1.5 seconds off in the 50m free.

Grace Rispin ,12, set 2 new pb’s in her afternoon of racing. Grace knocked 1 sec off her 50m free with a great time of 31.62, and another second off her 200m back to finish in 2.45.33. The afternoon resulted in 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal for Grace. Molly Raithby, 10, had another outstanding weekend in the pool. She worked hard to slice 12 secs off her 200m I.M with an overall time of 3:04. Molly also managed to take 10 seconds off her 100m breast coming away with a time of 1:37. She is now working towards trying to achieve her first NER time in 100mbreast only needing to take 4 secs off.

Phoebe Tomlinson, 12, had a fantastic gala, establishing three new personal best times. Phoebe knocked a fantastic 8.6 secs off her 200m IM to finish in 3.03.91, she went on the shave a second off her 100m breast and 200m back. Maisie Foster, 12, had another great gala achieving 4th place finishes in all events. Maisie’s 1 second pb’s in her 200m backstroke and her 50m freestyle achieved 2 Yorkshire qualifying times.

Libby Ackrill, 11, worked hard to knock 4secs of her 100m breaststroke and set a new time of 1:39.06. Lillie-May Wilkinson set two new pb’s in the 200m IM and the 200m back, and Hollie McvMullen,12, knocked 3 secs off her 100m breast and another 3 secs off her 50m freestyle.

Scarlett lees (10) set 3 new pb’s in her four events. Scarlett set a new time of 3.19.84 in her 200m IM, and finished in 7th place in the 100m breast in a time of 1.46.

Regional A Squad

The regional A boys continued in fine form at the club championships at Ennerdale on Saturday 7th November. Michael Hill had a particularly fantastic afternoon knocking 6 seconds off his 100m breast, 5 secs 200m back, 4 secs 200m IM and also managed to shave some time off his front crawl. Logan Young followed suit with a 4 sec improvement in the IM, 4 secs 100m breast and 3 secs 200m back. Not to be outdone, James Tether reduced his IM by 4 secs, and secured 1 sec pb’s on back, breast and front crawl. Still on top form Liam Spence again sent his times tumbling, taking 3 secs off his IM, 6 secs off his breast and 4 secs off his back. Ethan Kingdom also managed to impress with 6 sec pb in IM, 4 secs in the back and 1 sec in the 50m front crawl and A Yorkshire Qualifying time. Other personal best times came from Mitchell Davis 2 secs breast and improving his 200m back. Matthew Dixon 3 secs 100m breast, John Adams 10 ses IM and 2 secs front crawl, and Jake Conlon managed a pb in his 50m freestyle. Brothers Karmand and Kaso Kareem swam well, with Kaso achieving a Yorkshire Qualifying time and personal best in 100m breast stroke, Karmand also improved his time in the same race.

For the girls, Katy Greenacre and Molly Marritt were the stars of the show, with Molly taking 4 seconds off her 200m IM time, 6 seconds 100m breast and 4 seconds 200 backstroke. Katy reduced her IM by 6 seconds and breast by 5 seconds and took time off her freestyle. In her first club champs for regional A, Alice Carey took the gold and a YQT in the IM and silver and a YQT in breast. Further qualifying times for Melissa Machin in the IM and freestyle, and Megan Batterbee 200 back. Other girls who improved their personal bests were, Amy Greenacre 2 seconds IM and 1 second free. Kennedy Akrill 1 second pb and bronze medal in the 100 breast, Megan Batterbee 6 seconds breast. Hollie Mendoza 4 seconds IM and 1 second breast. Good swims were also produced by Jolie Bull, Abbey Freehally, Emma Newmarch, Natasha Clark, Abigail Malton and Emma Beadle.

Regional B Squad

Regional B swimmers who competed were Emily Tate who despite having to start in the water due to injury, managed to take some time from her 50 front crawl. Alex Millington swam in the breastroke, front crawl and IM with a pb in the IM. Hannah Bird equalled her best time in the 200 IM and swam in the breast and free. Shona Thurston pulled herself up from the disappointment of 2 disqualifications in the IM and breast to swim well in the backstroke and freestyle.

Junior A Squad

Eleanor Hextall had an outstanding day with 3 Golds in 200 IM 100 breast & 50 Free . Alex Everson had a impressive swim with a 5 sec pb in the 200 IM earning him silver and two Gold’s in 200 back and 50 freestyle. Frances Luckup had a fantastic pb of 6.5 seconds in the 200 IM giving her silver and kept up the achievements in the 200 back and 50 free ending the day with 3 silver medals.

Melissa Machin