Event : City Of Bradford Open Meet
Date : Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th December 2015
Location : Shipley Swimming Pool
Course : Short Course – 25 metre.

Swimmers from Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club, Regional A and Junior B Squads attended the City of Bradford Swimming Club meet in Shipley 12th-13th December .

Regional A Squad

Ethan Kingdom,14, swam enthusiastically in several events over the weekend he gained a YQT in 200m free in a time of 2:16.63, silver in 50m fly in a time 32.37 sec, bronze in the 50m free and swam impressively in 200m I.M., 100m & 50m back, 50m breast with a PB.

Jake Conlon,14,took gold in 100m back, a well earned silver in 400m I.M. bronze in 200m breast and fine swims came in the 200m I.M., 100m Back & Breast and 50m free.

Matthew Dixon, 14, competing for 1 day only swam a fantastic 50m breast in a time of 39.81sec and took bronze, swam 100m back in 1:17.80- and 200m breast in 3:15.24.

Last but not least for the boys, Mitchell Davies,15,earned himself the bronze medal in the 50m free and a time of 39.81 sec, and swan an impressive 100m back in 1:17.80 and finished with his day with 200m breast in a time of 3:15.24.

Regional A girls not to be out done saw Molly Marritt, 14, knocking seconds of her several races, she kicked started the weekend for the Reg. A. girls in the 400m free, she came 4th in a time of 5:12.07, took the bronze in a fantastic 50m & 200m breast, she also swam in the 50m &200m free, 50 & 100m back.

Anna Rogerson, 14, swam in the 400m free in a time of 5:25.12, 50m fly, 200m I.M. in 2:58.02, 50m free 32.93 sec, 50m back and 100m free in 1:34.95.

Melissa Machin, 15, swam impressively she had a busy weekend swimming 400m free in 5:01.94, 200m I.M. in 2:39.38. 100 & 200m breast, 200m back, 50 m fly & free.

Abbie Hill, 13, Emma Newmarch, 15, Emily Tate, 15 Natasha Clarke and Katie Nicholson also put in 100% effort over the weekend

Junior C swimmer Henri Kingdom, 9, tagged along with his big brother for the weekend, he swam consistently in his first 2 day away gala, he took silver in 50m breast gold in 50m & 200m Back, 200m I.M. 50m Fly 50m & 200m free, clinched a 20 sec pb and a new club record and 6 YQT’s

Junior B Squad

Finlay Gowan,12, had an outstanding gala, gaining 6 Yorkshire qualifying times from his 7 events, taking home 4 medals, a gold and 3 bronze.

Another fantastic performance from Josh Wormald,13, who took home gold medals in the 200m IM and the 100m back. Josh’s 3 se pb in the 400m free resulted in a bronze medal place, his 6 sec pb in the 200m back saw him take the silver, then a brilliant 18 sec pb in the 400m IM saw Josh take another silver medal, and gain his YQT in this race.

Josh Hurd,13, put in a great performance in all his races over the weekend and achieved his first YQT in the 50m breaststroke.

Benjamin Shipley,13, had a fantastic weekend. He swam in 7 events gaining YQT’s in all 7 and new pb times in 6. Ben took bronze medal position in three races, the 200m IM, the 100m frees and 200m free ,and gold in 400m free with a time of 4.46.88.

Isaac Blain,10, had a great gala, coming away with 2 silver medals and 5 YQT’s . In a great race in the 100m back Isaac knocked 8 secs from his previous time to finish in sec place in a time of 1.27.87. Isaac took another second place in the 200m back, with a time of 3.05.27 and a 3 sec pb.

Molly Raithby,10, had yet another outstanding performance in the pool this weekend. In the 400m freestyle Molly took bronze medal, with a new time of 5:46. A silver medal followed in the 100m with a time of 1:33. In the 400, IM Molly finished first taking the gold medal in a time of 6:31. Molly then took silver in the 200m breast finishing in a time of 2:35 and silver in the 200 back finishing in a time of 3:03. Molly achieved all her 11year old YQT and a12 year old time too.

Maisie Foster,13, put in another great performance across the weekend events. Maisie came away with 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze, setting 5 new personal best times and achieving 4 YQT’s . In an exciting swim, Maisie took 38 secs from her previous time to finish the 400m frees in 5.07.60, resulting in a third place finish. Another big pb in the 400m IM resulted in gold medal position and a new time of 5.54.16. Another gold medal for Maisie in the 200m free, with a 5 sec pb, and silver in the 100m free in a great time of 1.07.98.

Isabelle Waudby,12, swam to two first place finishes, taking the gold medal position in both the 100m and the 200 m back. Izzy knocked 1 sec from her previous time in the 100m, and a fantastic 7 secs off her 200m back to finish in 2.42.88, achieving2 YQT’s.

Hollie McMullen,12, set three new pb’s over the weekend. Hollie knocked a great 7 secs off her 100m fly, finishing in 1.35.25. Hollie also sliced 4 secs off her 100m free , and finally 3 secs off her 200m breast.

Izzy Hextall,10, swam in the 400m free on Saturday morning. In her first time competing in this event, Izzy set a great time of 5.30.25 taking the silver medal, achieving not only her 11 yr old Yorkshire time but also the year above.

Millie Roberts,12, had a great weekend swimming. Millie gained 5 new pb’s across her 7 events, achieving her YQT’s in the 200m and 50m breast . Millie took home the gold medal for her 200m breast and silver in both the 100m and 50m breast.

Anya Betts,12, gained 5 new pb’s over her 8 events. In a great race in the 200m back, Anya knocked 2 secs from her previous time to finish in 4th place in 2.49.77, a 13 year old YQT. Anya’s second Yorkshire time came in the 50m backstroke with a new time of 38.37.

Lily Tate,12, had another great gala she managed to knock a very impressive 33 secs off 400m free and achieved new P.B’s in 200m free and 200m breast.

Grace Rispin,12, had an outstanding gala, gaining 6 medal placings over her 7 events. Grace came home with 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals, gaining 5 new pb’s in 400m free, 100m fly, 400m IM, 200 m free, 20om IM, and achieving 6 YQT’s.

Scarlett Lees,10, had a superb weekend setting 7 new pb’s over 8 events. Scarlett knocked a great 4 secs off her 50m breast to finish in 44.78 sec , finishing in 5th place and achieving her YQT Scarlett also gained her YQT in the 100m free, with a first place finish in 1.14.98, and the 50m free where she finished in 34.04 and took the bronze medal. More pb’s for Scarlett and 4th place finishes in the 200m free, 100m back and 50m back, as well as a 5th place finish in the 200m back Finally a 3 sec pb in the 200m IM and a great new time of 3.16.04.

Tayla Ross,10, had a successful weekend. Tayla swam in 7 events gaining 7 YQT’s , setting 3 new pb’s. Tayla’s 15 second pb in the 400m freestyle resulted in a 4th place finish in a time of 5.50.30. Tayla took silver medals in both the 100m and 200m backstroke, with a new pb on 1.28.54 in the 100. Tayla also took silver in the 100m free with a 4 sec pb, and swam to bronze medal position in the 200m freestyle.