Event : Dartes Swim-Along-Santa Meet
Date : Sunday 29th November 2015
Location : Beverley Leisure Centre
Course : Short Course – 25 metre.

Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club attended the Doncaster Dartes Swim-along-a-Santa Gala 2015 at Beverley Leisure Centre and there were great performances and medals galore.

Junior C Squad

Henri Kingdom, 9, had an outstanding day as he took gold in the 50m free, back and breast and the bronze in the 50m fly. He achieved Yorkshire Qualifying Times in all races for a 10 year and proudly took home his reward for his hard work as ‘Top Boy’ in the nine year old category.

10 yr old Daniel Pollard had a superb day in Beverley, he took Gold in the 50m Freestyle with a PB and YQT. Then an array of speeding tickets for 100m Freestyle, 100m back, 100m breast and 50m back and finished with a 4th place in the 50m breast. He secured 5 pb’s and another 5 YQT’s.

Katie Fee,11, showed her hard work in training had paid off, she pb’d in the 50m& 100m free, 50m back & breast, 50m & 100m fly (10 secs) she took a well deserved silver in the fly and speeding tickets in 50m back & free.

10 yr old Bethan Candlin won Gold in the 100m Freestyle (16 sec PB), Silver in the 50m Breast (3 sec PB), a speeding ticket and YQT in 50m Freestyle, and PBs in 50m Backstroke, and 100m Backstroke.

10 yr old Alister Lovel received speeding tickets for his wins in the 50m Free and 100m Back both PBs.

11 yr old Jessica Brodie had 5 races and 5 PBs, 100m Free (PB 20secs), 100m Back (PB 25 secs), 50m Back, 100m Breast, and 50m Breast.

11 yr old Maddison Waltham achieved Speeding tickets in 50m Breast (3 sec PB), and 50m Back (2 sec PB), and PBs in 100m Fly, 100m Backstroke, and 100m Free.

9 yr old Amelia Rozenbroek impressed with her Gold in 50m Fly (PB), Gold in 50m Back(PB), and Silver in 50m Free

9 year old Jessica Mccollin did very well in the 100m IM and achieved a 4 sec PB.

12 yr old Caitlin Playle won Gold in the 100m Free (6 sec PB), and received speeding tickets in 50m Back(3 sec PB) & 100m Back(4 sec PB).

Junior D Squad

In the boys 9 & 10 yrs 100m IM, William Callanan swam 1:59.93 whilst Riley Fehally swam his very first IM in an impressive time of 2:06.52 Victor Tutuinu also swimming his first IM clocked 2:22.93. In the boys 9 & 12yrs 50m Backstroke, Leon Walton headed the Junior D swimmers with a time of 54.93, closely followed by Riley Feehally who swam 55.11. Not too far behind was William Callanan 55.99 with a small 1 second PB and Kieran Kipling with a 57.26 on his first 50m backstroke event. In the boys 9 yrs 50m Breaststroke, William Callanan was the quickest of Junior D swimmers for this event swimming 102.88, a 5.77 second PB. For the remaining Junior D swimmers it was their first ever 50m breaststroke event. Leon Walters, 1:06.26. Riley Feehally, 1:12.02. Kieran Kipling, 1:32.67. In the boys 9yrs 50m Freestyle, saw William Callanan record a 2.96 second PB with, 44:20. Leon Walton smashed a 3 second PB swimming, 48.07 closely followed by Riley Feehally, 48.29. Kieran Kipling swam, 51.38. In the boys 10yrs 100m Freestyle, Victor Tutuianu swimming in the age 10 yrs C grade for the first time recorded, 1:50.35.

In the girls 10 – 12yrs 50m Freestyle, swimming the 11 years C grade for the first time were Holly Boreham, 45.11 & Emma Large, 47.00. In the girls 10 – 12 years 50m Breaststroke, swimming the 10 years C grade for the first time was Isabelle Priestley recording, 1:16.16. The 11 years C grade saw Holly Boreham, 1:09.68 & Emma Large, 1:16.48 both swimming this event for the first time. In the girls 9 – 10yrs 100m Ind. Medley, leading the Junior D girls was Parsa Rajabalian with an impressive 9.74 second PB swimming 2:01.10. Evie Coates not too far behind with 2:09.29 and Mia Hudson, 2:16.79. In the girls 9 – 12 yrs 50m Backstroke, both Evie Coates and Parsa Rajabalian recorded PB’s in this event, Evie swimming 54.30 for a 0.49 PB and Parsa swam a 54.72 a PB of 1.40. Mia Hudson competing for the first time in this event swam, 1:07.41. In the 10yrs grade C heats Catherine Llina swam 54.45 and Isabella Priestly recorded a time of 59.55. In the 11yrs grade Emma Large swam, 1:02.32. In the girls 9 yrs 50m Breaststroke, Evie Coates, 1:03.37, a 1.51 second PB. Evie was closely followed by Isabelle Bennett with a time of 1:04.37. in the 11yrs C grade Holly Boreham swam 2:34.58. In the girls 9 – 12 yrs 50m Butterfly, only 1 Junior D girl for this event, Parsa Rajabalian swimming her first competitive 50m fly in 1:04.85. In the girls 9yrs 50m Freestyle, heading the field for the Junior D girls was Parsa Rajabalian with 46.98. Evie Coates, 49.81. Isabelle Bennett, 50.16. Elsie Waltham, 52.22 and Mia Hudson, 58.04. In the girls 10 – 12yrs 100m Freestyle, the 10yrs C grade Catherine Llina swam 1:46.96. In the 11yrs C grade Emma Large swam 1:46.50 and Holly Boreham, 149.99.

Regional A Squad

Returning from injury Jake Conlon, 14 ,stormed back with a speeding ticket, 1 second improvement and a YQT 50, breast, 1st, 1 second pb 50, free, 1st 100, back 1st 20m IM and 1st with a YQT for 100, breast. Silver medals followed in 100m free and 50m back and to finish his success day Jake was the second member of the club to walk away with ‘Top Boy’ in the 14 year old category

For the boys 14 year old John Adams had a fantastic day, coming 1st and gaining a YQT in the 50m breast stroke. He came 2nd 100m fly with a 2 second pb, 2nd 50m fly, 3rd in 50m free and finishing with a speeding ticket in the 100 m freestyle.

Also on top form this season Ethan Kingdom, 14, managed a 1st place, 1 sec pb and a YQT for 50m fly, 3rd place 50m back, speeding ticket and 2 sec pb 100m free, speeding ticket pb and YQT 50m free, but most impressive was the 100m fly with a massive 10 sec improvement and and yet another speeding ticket.

Michael Hill ,14, came away with gold 100m fly and a pb, silver 200m IM, silver and 3 sec pb100m back, speeding ticket and 1 sec pb 100m breast and a 1 sec pb for his 50m freestyle. 14 year old Matthew Dixon had an impressive meet, with speeding tickets in 50m breast 4 seconds and YQT, 50m free pb and YQT, 100m breast 1.5 sec and YQT. Along with 2 gold medals for 100m back 2 seconds and 100m free 1 second.

Mitchell Davis 15 won silver medals in 100m fly, 50m free and 200m IM, bronze in the 100m breast and strong swims in 100m back and 100m free. Newcomer Harry Van Maarseveen, 16, swam in 100m free, 100m back, 100m free, 50m back 1 sec pb, 50m fly 1 sec pb and the 100m fly with a massive 10m sec pb. 15 year old Logan Young improved most of his times as he also took 10 se off 100m fly and 1 sec 100m breast. He also swam the 100m back and 100 free with a personal best in the back. Finishing off the boys line up Liam Spence, 15, took gold in the 100m back.

On form Megan Batterbee, 14, placed in all of her races, gaining 1st place in the 200m IM and 100m back. Second in the 100m fly and a third place in 100m free.

Molly Marritt,14, produced some impressive swims, with personal best times and speeding tickets for her 100m free, 50m back and 50m breast. With a bronze medal 200m IM, silver 100m breast and narrowly missing out on a medal to come 4th in 50 free.

Melissa Machin, 15, hit amazing form coming first in the 200m IM, 50m fly and 100m fly. She also took gold, a pb and a YQT for 50m back and a speeding ticket for 50m breastroke. Not to be outdone, 13 year old Jolie Bull got a speeding ticket and 3 sec pb for 50m fly, another speeding ticket and 1 second pb for 50m back. Silver medal 100m free, bronze 100m back Jolie also swam the 50m free just missing another medal in 4th place.

Amy Greenacre, 15, achieved 3rd place 200m IM and 100m breast. She improved her time in 50 fly by 1.5 secs and swam just outside the medals in 100m free. Sister Katy 13 matched Amy with 3rd 200 IM and 100 breast, a 1.5 second pb in the 50m fly and a strong 4th place swim 100m free.

Abigail Malton, 16, continued the medal hauls with a 1st 100m breast and 100m back. 2nd 50 back, 3rd 100m fly and 200m IM and just missing out in the 50m breast. Natasha Clark swam in the 200m IM, 100mfree, 100m breast, 50m fly and 50m back with a personal best time in the backstroke.

Emma Newmarch ,15, swam in the 50m back, 100m breast, 50m fly, 50m breast, 100m fly and 50m free, winning bronze medals in 200m IM, 100m free and 100m back.

Maddie Tait ,14 , competed in the 100m breast, 50m breast 1st place pb and speeding tickets and improved times in 100m free and 50m back. Emily Tate 15 completed the girl’s line up, still recovering from injury Emily swam in 50m back, 100m breast, 50m free and 100m back.