Event : KUHSC Easter A/B Open Meet 2016
Date : Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1st, 2nd & 3rd April 2016
Location : Ennerdale, Hull
Course : Short Course – 50 metre.

[su_quote]KUHSC A/B Easter meet was held at Ennerdale Leisure centre in April 2016. Personal bests were record breaking as were the haul of medals collect by the impressive and talented swimmers. [/su_quote]

Junior D Squad

Girls Open 200 Freestyle , 9 year olds Alicia Willert swimming in her first open gala and swam a great 3:31.74. Isabelle Bennett, 3:37.45. Elise Waltham, 3:47.51. Aofie Curran-Smirk 4:08.48, a 20 second PB. Mia Hudson, 4:08.85, a 22 second PB. Codie Winter – Robinson swimming a 12 second PB, 4:09.91. 10 year old Sophia Barnett swam, 3:37.32 & Amy Curtis with a 3:54.11.

Boys Open 200m Backstroke, 10 year old William Callanan swam a 6 second PD to take the bronze medal.

Girls Open 50m Breaststroke, 9 year olds Alicia Willert swam an impressive 58:07. Isabelle Bennett, 1:03.14. Codie Winter-Robinson, 1:18.33 a 13 second personal best. 10 years and over Amy Curtis, 1:08.12 & Isabelle Priestley, 1:08.19. Nasia Barber Kelly, 1:02.24

Boys 100m Breaststroke , 9 years , William Callanan, 2:01.00, a 15 second PB. Marco Longwa, 2:07.49, an impressive 16 second pb. Zac Kareem, 2:27.68. Kieran Kipling, 2:33.07.

Boys 200 IM, William Callanan, 4:13.71 was enough for bronze. Marco Longwa, 4:29.97 took 5th place.

Girls 50m Backstroke Age 9, Alicia Willert, 49:16. Isabelle Bennett, 50.12. Elsie Waltham, 53.07. Codie Winter-Robinson, 54:61.

9 year old boys, 50m Free, William Callanan swam a 1 second PB, 40.56. Marco Longwa,41:34. Kieran Kipling, 41.52, a 4 second pb. Zac Kareem swam a 47.86.

Girls Open 100m Freestyle age 9 & 10, Isabelle Bennett, 1:39.29. Alicia Willert, 1:43.85. Elise Waltham, 1:47.00. Aoife Curran-Smirk, 1:54.14. Codie Winter – Robinson, 2:06.32. Sophia Barnett, 1:45.37. Evie Coates, 1:50.40. Isabelle Priestley, 1:58.65.

200m Freestyle boys Age 9, Personal bests all round for junior D boys. William Callanan, 3:18.06 for a 30 second PB and third place. Kieran Kipling swam an excellent race for a 9 second PB, 3:41.27. Riley Feehally swimming a 10 second PB, 3:41.98. Zac Kareem swam an excellent race for a 20 second PB, 3:56.01.

200m Backstroke, Aoife Curran, 9, Smirk swam a strong race, 4:04.87.

10 year old Stevie Burke swam the 50m Breaststroke in 1:08.13.

50m Butterfly Age 9, Alicia Willert, 1:01.28 & Mia Hudson, 1:14.00.

Boys 100m Backstroke Age 9, William Callanan, 1:27.35 for silver and 6 second PB. Zac Kareem took bronze with a 1:55.54 closely followed by Riley Feehally, 1:56.88.

Girls 100m Breaststroke Age 9 & 10’s Elise Waltham, 2:18.95. Aoife Curran-Smirk, 2:26.40 & Mia Hudson, 2:37.38. Amy Curtis, 2:03.69 & Isabella Priestley, 2:27.67.

200m Breaststroke, age 9 & 10, & 11 Aoife Curran Smirk, 5:.00.96, Amy Curtis, 4:20.50. Evie Coates, 4:36.25 & Sophia Barnett, 4:59.74 & Holly Boreham, 4:48.06.

Boys 50m Backstroke, age 9, Marco Longwa took silver with impressive race, 47.54. William Callanan, 49.97. Kieran Kipling with his 3rd PB of the gala, taking 6 second off, 51.03. Riley Feehally, 51.03. Denis Pociopko, 51.25 & Zac Kareem, 52.33.

Girls 50m Freestyle, age 9 & 11 Alicia Willert continued her impressive open gala debut with a 43.00. Elise Waltham, 45.23 & Aoife Curran-Smirk, 49.78, Holly Boreham, 40.38 & Nasia Barber – Kelly, 49.25.

100m Freestyle, boys Age 9, William Callanan, 1:31.96 for silver. Marco Longwa, 132:64 narrowly missing out on bronze. Riley Feehally, 1:40.84. Kieran Kipling, 1:41.06. Denis Pociopko, 1:46.81 & Zac Kareem, 1:46.89.

Junior C Squad

Swimmers had a phenomenal gala, huge amounts of times wiped off their Pb’s, and excellent use of technique.

9 year old Heidi Porter removed a total of 134 secs off her Pb’s. She took silver in the 100m free 1:27:72(9 sec pb) and YQ time. Silver in 50m free 39:47 (1 sec pb), Bronze in 200 free3:13:69 (18 sec pb), 4th in 200m IM 3:47:97 (17 sec pb), 7th in 200 Breast 4:30:29 (20sec pb), 6th in 200m Back 3:34:42 (35 sec pb), 6th in 100m Back 1:43:47 (25 sec pb), and 11th in 100m Breast 2:09:98 (9 sec pb).

9 year old Emily Afiya Rickinson removed 95 secs from her Pb’s. She took Gold in 200m IM 3:31:17 (16 sec Pb), Silver in 200m Breast 4:09:26 (24 sec Pb), Silver in 200m frees 3:08:36 (10 sec Pb), Silver in 200m Breast 1:56:12 (13 sec Pb), 5th in 200m Back 3:32:03 (25sec Pb), 4th in 100m Back 1:37:99 (4 sec Pb), and 4th in 100m free1:28:28 (3 SEC Pb)

10 year old Bethan Candlin was 4th in 50m Breast 52:36 YQ Time, 6th in 200m Breast 3:51:42 YQ Time, 16th in 100m free 1:25:42 YQ Time, B Gold in 100m Breast1:52:48, B Gold in 200m free 3:07:86, B Silver in 200m IM 3:41:97, and B Bronze in 200m Back 3:37:20.

11 year old Amy Russell had a very good competition, taking Gold in her first attempt at 400m free, she competed in 8 events winning 4th and 5th place medals, and removing 74 seconds off her Pb’s.

Junior B Squad

Izzy Hextall, 10, had an amazing weekend. On Saturday she gained a pb in her 200m free and a speeding ticket; a pb and a speeding ticket in her 100m back; gold in 200 IM and a speeding ticket in 100m free. Sunday was equally as good with silvers in 100m and 200m breast with pbs, and a pb and gold in 100m fly. Izzy’s biggest achievement though was her 200m back where a 14 sec pb gave her not only a speeding ticket but her first North East Regional (NER) qualifying time for May.

Hollie McMullen, 12, achieved fantastic results over the weekend. Hollie knocked 16 secs off her 400m free in 5.39.61. Hollie also brought home B grade gold in the 200m free in 2.40.18 a 6 second pb. Another 5 seconds sliced from her 100m back in 1.24.43, and in an outstanding effort Hollie smashed her 200m IM time by 9 secs, gaining a B grade silver in 3.01.65. B grade golds followed in the 100m breast, and the 200m breast in 3.30.78, a 7 sec pb. Finally Hollie set a new 8 second pb in the 200m back and took 1 sec from her 100m free in 1.15.58.

Anya Betts, 12, gained 7 new pb’s across her 8 events Anya knocked 1 sec off her 50m back, her new time of 37.83 taking A grade bronze. Another 1 sec pb in the 100m back, finishing in 1.17.85 and taking A grade 6th place, narrowly missing her NER time. 3 sec pb’s followed in the 200m Free and 200m breast, then Anya sliced 2 secs off her 200m back finishing in 2.47.69, another A grade 6th place.

Amy Kitching,12, achieved 7 pbs from her 8 races the best of these being a 12 seconds in the 200m IM in a time of 3:04.62, she won B grade gold in the 50m free in a time of 34.90, she gained an 11 sec pb in the 200m back which also gained B grade bronze in 2:59.58, Amy then sliced 9 secs from her previous time in the 400m free finishing in 5:53.97

Libby Akrill, 11, raced to the A grade gold medal in the 50m breast, with a 1 sec pb in 44.00. Another A grade gold followed in the 200m breast in 3.26.06, a 14 sec pb. The 100m breaststroke saw another A grade medal, with Libby taking bronze.

Lily Tate,12, had a phenomenal gala achieving 5 pb’s and gaining 13 year old Yorkshire Qualifying Time’s in 400m free, by gaining a massive 19 second p.b and 100m back with a 4 second pb.

Scarlett Lees,11, raced to 3 medal positions over the weekend, her 18 sec pb in the 200m breast earned her B grade silver, with another B grade silver in the 100m breast in 1.41.89. Scarlett swam strongly in the 50m free , finishing in 33.97 taking A grade bronze. Finally a B grade 5th place in the 200m back.

In a great weekend swimming Phoebe Tomlinson,12, set 5 new pb’s and took home 4 medals. Phoebe took B grade silver in the 200m free, and a second pb in the 50m back led to another B grade silver. A third B grade silver followed in the 200m back in 2.57.60. A 6 sec pb in the 200m breast in 3.37.29 resulted in B grade bronze. Phoebe set new times in the 400m freestyle 3 sec pb and sliced a fraction of a second from her 100m free and 100m breast.

Tayla Ross,10, took 5 A grade gold medals, one silver and one speeding ticket. Tayla smashed 14 secs from her 200m free to take first place in 2.37.73. Her new time of 1.20.25 in the 100m back resulted in a speeding ticket, then 9 secs off her 200m IM saw Tayla race to A grade silver. 8 seconds off her 200m back saw another gold medal in 2.52.98, three further golds followed in the 100m free (2 second pb), 100m breast (3 second pb) and the 200m breast in 3.29.83 ( 6 second pb).

Abbie Harris,10, had a great Easter meet., gaining pb’s in all her races, taking home 6 A grade medals. In a great race Abbie knocked 10 secs off her 200m IM and a fantastic 15 secs off her 200m breast in 3.34.44 to take A grade 4 th place.

Ben Shipley,13, started the weekend in great form earning an A grade gold and an NER qualifying time of 4.37.86 taking 11 secs off his previous time in the 400m free. His following 7 races all produced new pb times and earned him top 3 places in each race that he swam in bringing home a further 3 silver A grade medals and 4 bronze A grade medals and another NER qualifying time in the 200m back, smashing 8 secs of his previous time with a new time of 2.30.25.

Josh Wormald,13, had a fantastic weekend swimming. Josh earned 9 pb’s from his 9 events, bringing home 4 A grade gold medals, 3 silver, and reaching 3 NER qualifying times. Josh knocked 5 seconds off his 400m IM time, earning him the gold medal and his NER time. Another NER in the 200m back with a 4 second pb and another first place finish. Josh sliced 3 seconds from his 100m breast stroke to take another gold, and a fantastic 10 secs from his 200m breast bagging him anther gold medal finish. The 100m fly saw a 5 sec pb, silver medal position and an NER time, 4 secs tumbled from his 200m free, and a fraction of a second from his 100m back saw Josh take another gold medal and improve on his existing NER time. A second pb on the 200m IM was a silver medal finish, and in the 100m free Josh sliced another 2 secs from his time.

Ryan Porter,12, set 7 new pb’s over the weekend. In a great race Ryan knocked 15 secs from his 200m breast to finish in 3.19.70 taking 7th place. Ryan raced to A grade gold medal position in the 100m backstroke, knocking a second from his previous time to finish in 1.11.72. Another 6 secs were sliced from the 100m breast, and 5 secs from the 200m free, in 2.23.93 to take A grade silver. A grade silvers for Ryan followed in the 200m back (2.34.70) and 100m free (1.06.82). Finally a 1 sec pb ion the 200m IM resulted in third place A grade.

Finlay Gowan,12, had another brilliant gala weekend. In an outstanding effort Finlay knocked 13 secs form his 400m free to finish in 4.48.95 reaching his NER qualifying time. Another NER time followed in the 200m back with a 7 sec pb. The 200m breast saw Finlay match his previous time by 23 secs to finish in 3.13.97 and a Yorkshire Qualifying time, and another 7 sec pb in the 100m breast resulted in another Yorkshire time.

Regional A & B Squads

Regional girls produced some amazing swims at Ennerdale on the weekend of 1st 2nd and 3rd April 5, 2016. 15 year old Megan Batterbee and Hollie Mendoza 14 really shone in their respective races. Megan began by improving her 200 free time by 4 secs. She followed that with a 2 sec pb and an A grade silver medal in 100m back. She produced an excellent swim, a pb and an A grade gold in 50m back and a silver medal in 100m free, a gold medal in 200m back and 50m fly, a silver in 100m fly and an A grade time in 50m free.

Hollie also had a fantastic weekend, she competed in all 5 sessions of the meet including the 400m free on Friday night. She managed to pb in all of her races taking 3 secs off her 50m breast stroke, 1 sec 100m back 1 second 50m back, 2 seconds 100m free, 5 seconds 50m fly and 100m breast and 1 second 50m free where she also won a bronze medal.

Jolie Bull, 14, also had an impressive medal and personal best haul, beginning with a 2nd place in the 400m free, 3rd and 1 sec pb in 200 free, 1st 100 free 2nd and 4 sec improvement 200m back, 2nd 50m fly and 1st place and 3 sec pb for 100m fly. She also competed in 100m back 50m back and 50m free.

Molly Marritt, 14, took 3rd place in 400m free 1st and 2 sec pb in 200m free and 50m breast, 1 sec pb 50m fly bronze medal 100m breast, silver 200m breast and finished with a pb and A grade bronze in 50m free.

Iyanna Purdy, 14 ,continued the success in this age group with solid swims in the 400m free and 200m free, a gold medal 100m back, pb and gold in 50m back, gold 200m back finishing with a pb in 50m fly, Completing the 14 year old line up Regional B swimmers Shona Thurston and Hannah bird joined their regional A team mates. Shona won gold in Fridays 400m free, improved her 200m free by 1 sec, and competed in 100m back, 200m IM, 50m back, 100m free, 200m back 50m fly and 50m free. Hannah Bird returning from injury competed in 50m breast, 100m back 50m back and 100m free, welcome back Hannah.

15 year old Maddie Tait had a brilliant weekend, she took 1st place and 2 sec pb for 50m breast, silver and 4 secs off 100m back, gold and 4 secs 50m back and 100m free, 3 sec pb 200m back, 3 secs 50m fly, 5 seconds 100m breast and 2 secs and an A grade time for 50m free. Emma Newmarch, 15, began with a strong swim in 200m free, she improved her 50m breast by 2 secs and won a bronze medal, silver and a pb 50m back, silver and 1 sec 50m fly, bronze and 5 sec 100m breast and bronze medal for 50m free. In the same age group Emily Tate proved that her hard work in training is paying off, as she came away with a 1 sec improvement in 100m free and placed 3rd in 200m back, Emily went on to produce solid swims in 100 breast, 50m back , 100m back and 50m breast. Kennedy Akrill, also 15 had a great start with silver in 200m free, she followed that with and A grade bronze medal in 50m breast, a 1 second pb in 50m fly, silver in 100 breast, gold in 200m breast and finished her weekend with a 1 sec improvement and an A grade time in 50m free.

17 year old Hannah Willingham began with a very impressive gold medal in the gruelling 400m IM on Friday night. She then went on to bag the A grade gold in the 200m IM the next day, following this with A grade silver and 1 sec pb 50m back, A grade silver and pb in 50m fly, A grade silver in 200m breast, a gold in 100m breast and finally A grade bronze in 50m free to complete an excellent weekend. Another impressive race came from Natasha Clark 16 who claimed the silver medal and a 10 sec best time in the 400m free. She went on to compete on Saturday in 50m breast, 50m back, 100m free and gained a pb in 100m back. Completing the line up for the girls, 19 year old Emma Beadle swam in 8 races over the weekend. She placed 3rd in 200m free improved her time in 50m back and 100m free, 3rd in 50m fly, and 2nd in 200m breast. Finishing off with 2nd place and a pb in 50m free.

For the boys, 15 year old Michael Hill impressed with a 6 sec pb in the 400m free. He went on to take 2 secs off his 50m fly, a silver medal and pb in 50m free, 3 sec pb 100m fly, bronze medal in 200m free, 2 sec pb 50m breast, 2nd place 200m IM and a pb for 100m free. He also swam well in the 100m breast.

Ethan Kingdom, 15, produced some fine swims , beginning with a massive 18 sec pb in Fridays 400m fc. He continued to improve his times with 1 sec off 50 fly, 2 secs and 2nd place 100m fly, 4 secs 200m free, 2 sec 50m breast and a first YQT, 2 sec and 1st place 50m back and another first YQT in the event, 2 sec and 2nd place 100m free.

Mitchell Davis, 16, was the only boy in regional to attempt the 400m IM he came away with a 20 sec pb and A grade bronze to start his weekend in fine style. He managed a pb in 50m fly, a bronze medal 100m breast, pb 50m free, 1st place and 3 sec pb 100m fly, 2nd and pb 200m free, 2nd 1 sec pb 50m breast, 3rd and pb 50m back and a further pb 100 fc. 14 year old Jake Conlon started his competition with an outstanding swim in 200m backstroke, he took 2 secs off his time, and won an A grade gold medal, securing an NER time. He won another gold in 200m breast, A grade bronze and a pb for 50 mfree, A grade bronze and 3 sec pb for 200m free, A grade silver and pb 100 back and 50m back and a further pb and A grade bronze for 100 free. John Adams, 14, had his first race in the 50m fly where he took 1 sec off his pb and won A grade gold. A massive 8 sec pb and silver medal for 100m breast, a pb in 50m free, 6 secs and 1st 200m free, pb and 1st 50m breast, 2 sec pb and 1st 50m back and 100m free.

James Tether, 15, came away with several personal best times and medals. He took 2 seconds off 50, fly, bronze medal 200, breast, 2 sec pb and bronze 50m free, 3 sec 200m free, 1 sec 50m breast, 2 sec 50m back and a fantastic 6 seconds 100 mfree. 15 year old Matthew Dixon reduced his 400m free time by 6 secs, a gold medal and 7 sec pb 200m back, bronze and 4 sec 50m fly, silver medal 100 breast, 2 seconds and 1st place 200m breast and 1 sec 50m free. Liam Spence, 15, had another brilliant meet, he came 2nd and knocked 3 seconds off his 400m free, A grade bronze 200m free, 4 secs and gold for 50m breast, gold 100m back, 3 sec pb 200m IM, silver and 2 sec 50m back and gold in 100m free. Kaso Kareem, 16, managed to take home some medals despite fighting injury. He took 2nd place in 50m fly, 1st 100m breast and 200m free and a bronze for 100m free. Newcomer Harry Van Maarseveen, 16 , competed in 400 free gaining a valuable first ever time and a gold medal. Following this with 1 sec pb and gold 100m breast and 50m free, 1 sec pb 100m fly, 3 sec pb 50m breast, 3 sec pb and silver 100m back and finishing with 1 sec pb for 50m back and 100m free.

Junior A Squad

Lily Hawkard, 13, had an excellent weekend starting with the girls 400m Individual Medley (IM) coming in 1st place in 5.19.73 achieving a speeding ticket and North East Qualifying time (NER). Lily went on to secure 4 further NER times, Gold medals and PB’s in 200m Back in a time of 2.28.34, 100m & 200m Breast and 100m fly. Lily also took 1st place & PB in 50m fly in 31.92.

Equally impressive was Frances Luckup, 14, who started her weekend with an exceptional swim in the 400m Free event coming in 1st place with PB & NER time in 4.38. Frances had further outstanding swims in 100m & 200m Freestyle with some excellent PB’s achieving Silver medals and NER times. Frances also claimed Gold and NER time in 200m Back in 2.29.22 and Gold in 50m Freestyle in 29.38, completing her weekend with Silver, PB & YQT in 100m fly.

Callum Willert, 12, was on top form clinching a well-earned 12 sec PB and speeding ticket in the 400m Free in 4.48.99. Callum went on to take Gold in 100m Breast, Silver & PB in 200m Breast, Silver in 100m fly and Bronze medals & PB’s in 50m Free and 200m Back with a time of 2.38.18.

Alex Everson, 13, produced some great swims starting with the Boys 400m Free securing Silver, PB and NER time followed by Gold, PB and NER time in 400m IM. Alex’s best effort came in the 200m IM event where he secured a 6 sec PB, Gold & NER time in 2.29.82. Silver medals & PB’s were achieved in 200m Free, 50m and 100m Back ending with PB in 100m Free.

Grace Rispin, 12 had a very successful weekend with impressive performances in the 200m I.M, clinching Gold, PB & NER time in 2.40.32, as well as NER time, Bronze and 11 sec PB in 200m Breast in 3.03.69. Grace secured Silver medals & PB’s in 200 & 400m free; Bronze medals & PB’s in 100m Free and 100m Breast as well as PB in 200m Back.

Ellie Hextall, 13 produced some impressive swims achieving a massive PB in 200m fly to take Silver and NER time, Followed by Silver, PB & NER time in 100m fly. A third Silver medal and PB was achieved in 200m Breaststroke completing a successful weekend.