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The club hopes that all our members managing to stay safe and well during these challenging times. Following the cancellation of training, it is important that we encourage our swimmers to stay active. City of Sheffield Swim Squad are posting daily workouts for their swimmers, which is a fabulous idea and there is no reason why we parents (and siblings) can’t join in too! Peter Richardson (Head Coach) has shared the following activities and information while swimmers are at home.

Home Work Out Link 1 –

Good morning all,Following the cancellation of training we will posting daily workouts. We encouage swimmers/siblings/parents to get invovled. Make you stay safe!COSSS HOME TRAINING DAY #1Warm-up3 rounds:30 seconds hip flexor stretch each side15 glute bridges30 seconds alternating side lunges5 press-upsWorkout:3 – 5 rounds:800m run (if unable to run – skip, bike, row for 5 minutes)50 sit ups50 air squats “Champions don’t blame the tools they’ve been given, they sharpen them.”#TeamSteel

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Home Work Out Link 2

Good Morning Facebook ?It looks like another great days training yesterday!! Keep it amazing work! We will keep posting home workouts on facebook whilst we are fighting to beat this thing…. however long it takes!Please keep sharing, liking and commenting on Home Training videos!Safe Safe #OneTeam #TeamSteelNow, todays Training!! We have a guest for today’s workout, Elliot Clogg will be taking you through todays workout on Facebook and Instagram. For those of you who don’t know Elliot, Elliot won 2 x Commonwealth Medals in 2018, represented GB at European Championships 2018, Word Junior Championships, Medalled at Youth Olympics and European Juniors and won more national titles than I can count. COSSS HOME TRAINING DAY #3Warm-up3 rounds:30 seconds Jog on the spot20 seconds Star Jumps10 seconds Alternating Lunges10 seconds Squats3 each leg Supine leg liftsHome Workout4 rounds of 30 seconds exercise/30 seconds rest10 High Knees 2 Press ups4 Lunges 2 Burpees6 Mountain Climbers 4 Jacks4 Dips 4 Toe Touches Repeat the exercises as many times as possible at high intensity during the 30 seconds. *These workouts should be physically challenging but please adapt them if needed to suit your current training ability.* Quote of the day“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Friday, 20 March 2020

Butterfly Technique Link 3 –

'Flying' into the new week!#TeamSteel #teamarenauk

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Monday, 9 March 2020

1. Soft hand entry.

2. Great chin position close to the water on breathing phase.

3. Great underwater position of pull through on the hands under centre line of the body.

Butterfly Technique Link 4 –

Some great Fly technique here. Watch the flow ? #teamsteel

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Thursday, 12 March 2020

1. Good head position on breathing. Chin in the water.

2. Arms close to the water surface on recovery.

3. High hip position.

4. Good upbeat and down beat on the kick.

Backstroke Technique Link 5

This video clip shows the basic principles of backstroke. This shows some of the coaching points that your coaches are implementing and encouraging you to use.

The image below shows the underwater pull and hip and shoulder rotation during Backtroke.

1. You will note the bent arm.

2. Side of the thumb pointing to the ceiling.

3. Palm of the hand pointing to the feet and not the bottom of the pool.

4. Hip and shoulder rotation.

“200M Butterfly Melbourne Phelps”

What do you notice about the swim? Let your Coach or Head Coach know.

The following is a great read (Click On The Image)

Do you have the mentality of a champion? Everyone have a go, parents too and be honest.

The basic principles of the Breast Stroke breakout!

What is your Race Day Preparation?

Message Sent: 21 and Counting for Michael Phelps - The New York Times