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Regional Success for Hull Swimmers – November 6th – 8th

Just weeks after competing at the Yorkshire Winter Competition, Kingston Upon Hull swimmers made waves again at the Northeast Regional Championships at Ponds Forge in Sheffield earlier this month.


Waiting a long time between races, overcoming personal challenges, and competing against some of the best swimmers in the region is not easy but provides invaluable experience for the future. There were fantastic swims across the board with an array of personal best times, top-ten placements and even some medals.



Amelia Barrett (12 yrs): GOLD in 50m breaststroke, SILVER in 100m breaststroke, SILVER in 200m breaststroke

Dylan Hill (11 yrs): SILVER in 50m backstroke, SILVER in 200m backstroke, BRONZE in 100m backstroke

Luke Baughan-Withington (13 years): BRONZE in 1500m free

Zac Baughan-Withington (11 yrs): SILVER in 200m freestyle, SILVER in 400m freestyle

Just weeks after competing at the Yorkshire Winter Competition, Kingston Upon Hull swimmers made waves again at the North East Regional Championships at Ponds Forge in Sheffield earlier this month.


Amelia Barrett (12 yrs): Gold (50m breaststroke), Silver (100m breaststroke), Silver (200m breaststroke)
Dylan Hill (11 yrs): SILVER in 50m backstroke, SILVER in 200m backstroke, BRONZE in 100m backstroke


Amelia Barrett (12 yrs): 200m free (7th), 100m fly (8th), 400m free (6th), 200m IM (5th), 100m back (5th)

Luke Baughan-Withington (13 yrs): 200m IM (9th), 400m IM (4th), 400m free (4th)

Zac Baughan-Withington (11 yrs): 100m free (8th), 200m IM (5th)

Jack Collins (13 yrs): 1500m (4th), 400m IM (5th), 400m free (10th)

Dylan Hill (11 yrs): 200m breast (4th), 200 IM (9th), 50m breast (7th), 200m free (6th), 50m free (8th)

Joshua Kelly: 200m fly (5th), 400m free (5th)

Josh McCollin (14 yrs): 100m free (8th), 50m back (9th), 100m back (6th), 200m free (7th), 50m fly (9th), 200m back (5th)

Victoria Sibova (13 yrs): 200m free (10th), 100m free (5th)

Matthew Sitch (12 yrs): 200m breaststroke (8th)

James Starling (14 yrs): 400m free (5th), 100m IM (6th)

Ben Towse (11 yrs): 50m back (10th), 200m free (10th), 100m IM (8th), 50m free (10th)

Pavel Zirar (12 yrs): 200m back (6th)



It is much harder to achieve a top-10 placement in the open-age category but all of Kingston’s older swimmers swam to a very high standard.


Once again, KUHSC swimmers faced some very tough competition but made their mark as members of the premier swimming club in the area. Director of Swimming and former Olympic Coach Russ Barber, and Head Coach Tom Rhodes are building on this success and the future looks very bright for Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club. If you are interested in joining the club, or would like more information, please email

Kingston Swimmers Go for Gold! October 23rd – 24th

After 18 months of pools opening and closing and finally opening again, Kingston Upon Hull swimmers proved that they have what it takes to keep focused and committed to their sport at the Yorkshire Swimming Association Winter Competition 2021. Over two weekends in October at Leeds and Sheffield the club welcomed an impressive haul of medals across a range of age-groups and events.

There were stand-out performances from some of KUHSC’s youngest swimmers, notably Lea Sibova (9 years) who won an incredible 7 gold medals (50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 100m Individual Medley, 50m butterfly, 100m butterfly) and 2 bronze medals (50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke) and Ben Towse (10 years) who swam impressive personal best times in all of his events, winning silver medals in the 50m and 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke and bronze in the 100m Individual Medley.  24th

Further medallists were:

Amelia Barrett: BRONZE – 100m breaststroke 12 years

Zac Baughan-Withington: BRONZE – 100m breast 11 years

Rhianna Foster: GOLD – 100m breaststroke 14 years

Josh McCollin: SILVER – 50m backstroke, BRONZE – 100m backstroke 14 yrs

Victoria Sibova: BONZE – 50m backstroke 12 years

James Starling: BRONZE – 400m Individual Medley 13 years

Top 10 placements were achieved by the following:

Amelia Barrett: 50m breast, 100m back

Luke Baughan-Withington: 200m IM, 400m IM

Zac Baughan-Withington: 50m free, 100m back, 200m IM

Megan Chu: 50m & 100m free, 50m &100m back, 50m & 100m fly, 200m IM

Jack Collins: 400m IM

Rhianna Foster: 50m & 100m free, 50m &100m back, 50m breast, 200m & 400m IM

Dylan Hill: 50m & 100m free, 50m & 100m breast, 50m & 100m back, 50m fly

Joshua Kelly: 400m IM

Josh McCollin: 50m & 100m free, 50m & 100m fly, 200m IM

Victoria Sibova: 100m free, 100m back, 50m fly, 400m IM

Matthew Sitch: 100m back

James Starling: 50m & 100m free, 50m & 100m fly

Ben Towse: 50m fly, 100m breast, 100m back

Lucy Towse: 50m &100m breast

Pavel Zirar: 100m back

Aside from this impressive array of medals and finalist placements, a great many swimmers swam personal best times and reached significant milestones on their swimming journey. They faced tough competition from Leeds and Sheffield swimmers but made their mark as members of the premier swimming club in the area. Director of Swimming and former Olympic Coach Russ Barber, and Head Coach Tom Rhodes are building on this success and the future looks very bright for Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club. If you are interested in joining the club, or would like more information, please email

Open 1500m Freestyle results

KUHSC Club Gala 2 – Event 1 Boy/Girl Open 1500m Freestyle results.

800m Time Trial Results


12-11-2021 800 Time Trial Results

Elite Performance Team member beats the KUHSC all-time club record.

08-11-2021 – Congratulations to Matthew Blain of the Elite Performance Squad who clocked 31.75 for his 50m Breaststroke at the NER’s, beating the KUHSC all-time club record (held since 2007)!

Swim England North East Region Training Camp


15.10.2021 – Many congratulations to Amelia Barrett on her selection to attend the Swim England North East Region Training Camp.

The camp forms part of the Swim England talent pathway and will provide an opportunity for swimmers to develop their technical, tactical, physical and lifestyle skills.

Phase I of the Swim England Swimming National Development Programme for 2021-2022

09-09-2021 – The club would like to congratulate the following swimmers for their selection for Phase I of the Swim England Swimming National Development Programme for 2021-2022.

Megan Chu

Luke Baughan-Withington

Jack Collins

Joshua McCollin

James Starling

Top Coach’s Quest for a Hull Olympian!

Russ Barber, one of the UK’s most successful performance swimming coaches, is returning to his home ground of Hull to become Director of Swimming at Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club.

Russ has produced multiple Olympians, Commonwealth Games champions and hundreds of national champions. He has coached on over 30 Great Britain teams including the Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio, World and European Championships as well as 2 Commonwealth Games.

Born and bred in Hull, Russ Barber played a crucial role in the merging of City of Hull and Hull Olympic swimming clubs to form Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club (KUHSC) in 1996. The following year he moved to City of Leeds Swimming Club as age-group coach before progressing to Sheffield as Head Coach in 2001.

Prior to returning to Hull, Barber transformed City of Sheffield Swim Squad (COSSS) into the elite club it is today, from being the 6th best club in Yorkshire 20yrs ago, to it now being regularly ranked in the top 5 clubs in Great Britain.

Under coach Barber’s guidance, swimmers have been selected to represent TeamGB in the last 3 Olympics, with Max Litchfield coming 4th in the 400m Individual Medley in 2016. Russ brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at Hull, and is enthusiastic about building new links with the community and supporting the clubs’s new committee.

Primarily, Russ will be poolside, coaching swimmers of all ages from the youngest ‘Tadpoles’ squad through to the National squad, encouraging them to ‘think big’ and reach their full potential, and sees no reason why Hull can’t produce another Olympian!

Russ will support and mentor individual coaches, and together with Head Coach Tom Rhodes, will oversee the club’s coaching pathway.  The club have absolutely no doubt that Russ will help put Hull back on the map, and KUHSC will once again belong to the UK’s top flight of swimming clubs.

If you are interested in joining Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club, or would like more information, please email

Covid 19 – Returning to Training Phase 4

Covid 19 – Returning to Training Phase 4 – Tadpoles
Ennerdale Small Pool
Risk Assessment
Pool Controllers and Life Guards Information
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Covid -19 – Returning to Training Phase 3 – Junior C and Junior D 
Albert Avenue Small pool

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Covid -19 – Returning to Training Phase 3 Regional A
Albert Avenue Large Pool
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Covid 19 – Returning to Training Phase 2

Albert Avenue

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Return to Swimming Risk Assessment – Ennerdale Risk Assessment

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Home Work Out Activities & Information

The club hopes that all our members managing to stay safe and well during these challenging times. Following the cancellation of training, it is important that we encourage our swimmers to stay active. City of Sheffield Swim Squad are posting daily workouts for their swimmers, which is a fabulous idea and there is no reason why we parents (and siblings) can’t join in too! Peter Richardson (Head Coach) has shared the following activities and information while swimmers are at home.

Home Work Out Link 1 –

Good morning all,Following the cancellation of training we will posting daily workouts. We encouage swimmers/siblings/parents to get invovled. Make you stay safe!COSSS HOME TRAINING DAY #1Warm-up3 rounds:30 seconds hip flexor stretch each side15 glute bridges30 seconds alternating side lunges5 press-upsWorkout:3 – 5 rounds:800m run (if unable to run – skip, bike, row for 5 minutes)50 sit ups50 air squats “Champions don’t blame the tools they’ve been given, they sharpen them.”#TeamSteel

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Home Work Out Link 2

Good Morning Facebook ?It looks like another great days training yesterday!! Keep it amazing work! We will keep posting home workouts on facebook whilst we are fighting to beat this thing…. however long it takes!Please keep sharing, liking and commenting on Home Training videos!Safe Safe #OneTeam #TeamSteelNow, todays Training!! We have a guest for today’s workout, Elliot Clogg will be taking you through todays workout on Facebook and Instagram. For those of you who don’t know Elliot, Elliot won 2 x Commonwealth Medals in 2018, represented GB at European Championships 2018, Word Junior Championships, Medalled at Youth Olympics and European Juniors and won more national titles than I can count. COSSS HOME TRAINING DAY #3Warm-up3 rounds:30 seconds Jog on the spot20 seconds Star Jumps10 seconds Alternating Lunges10 seconds Squats3 each leg Supine leg liftsHome Workout4 rounds of 30 seconds exercise/30 seconds rest10 High Knees 2 Press ups4 Lunges 2 Burpees6 Mountain Climbers 4 Jacks4 Dips 4 Toe Touches Repeat the exercises as many times as possible at high intensity during the 30 seconds. *These workouts should be physically challenging but please adapt them if needed to suit your current training ability.* Quote of the day“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Friday, 20 March 2020

Butterfly Technique Link 3 –

'Flying' into the new week!#TeamSteel #teamarenauk

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Monday, 9 March 2020

1. Soft hand entry.

2. Great chin position close to the water on breathing phase.

3. Great underwater position of pull through on the hands under centre line of the body.

Butterfly Technique Link 4 –

Some great Fly technique here. Watch the flow ? #teamsteel

Posted by City Of Sheffield Swim Squad on Thursday, 12 March 2020

1. Good head position on breathing. Chin in the water.

2. Arms close to the water surface on recovery.

3. High hip position.

4. Good upbeat and down beat on the kick.

Backstroke Technique Link 5

This video clip shows the basic principles of backstroke. This shows some of the coaching points that your coaches are implementing and encouraging you to use.

The image below shows the underwater pull and hip and shoulder rotation during Backtroke.

1. You will note the bent arm.

2. Side of the thumb pointing to the ceiling.

3. Palm of the hand pointing to the feet and not the bottom of the pool.

4. Hip and shoulder rotation.

“200M Butterfly Melbourne Phelps”

What do you notice about the swim? Let your Coach or Head Coach know.

The following is a great read (Click On The Image)

Do you have the mentality of a champion? Everyone have a go, parents too and be honest.

The basic principles of the Breast Stroke breakout!

What is your Race Day Preparation?

Message Sent: 21 and Counting for Michael Phelps - The New York Times

Rotherham Metro A/B Long Course Meet at Ponds Forge, Sheffield

18th & 19th January 2020

Regional A

There were some fantastic results from this squad of dedicated swimmers!

Two girls Grace Massam and Isabelle Newby swam some of their events for the first-time in a long course pool whilst also securing some great PBs. Isabelle slashed a lot of her events by 8/9 seconds and in the 200m backstroke she scooped a 22 second PB! Jessica Brodie, Liz Hawkard, Libby Tunley, Blanka Wegerska, Sekiera Wiley, Georgina Kitney and Catherine Crees all swam well and secured some fantastic PB’s. Catherine took 12 secs off her 50m Backstroke whilst Libby took 8 secs off her 200IM, Blanka also PB’d in the 200m IM and took 10 secs off, she was awarded an A Grade Bronze medal in the 50m Free & B Grade Bronze medal in the 100m Free.

The Boys were in excellent fine form too, all securing PB’s and again some swimming events long course for the first-time including Toby Curtis, Zachary Hood and Charlie Shimmells. Zach was also awarded B Grade Gold in the 200m Free & B Grade Bronze in the 50m Backstroke. Denis Pociopko scooped 6 PB’s in all his events and was awarded B Grade Silver in the 200m Backstroke. Nikita Jelizarovs was on top form and was awarded B Grade Gold in the 200m IM, A Grade Bronze in the 50m Fly, A Grade Gold in the 100m Fly & 50m Backstroke, he also secured a massive 20 second PB in his 200m Free. Harry Braimbridge’s efforts awarded him with a B Grade Bronze in the 50m Free, B Grade Silver in the 200m Breaststroke and B Grade Gold in the 50m Breaststroke. Isaac Craven took B Grade Bronze in the 200m Breaststroke and secured 4 PB’s. Isaac Blain scooped B Grade Bronze in the 100m Free, B Grade Silver in the 200m Free with a whopping 18 second PB and B Grade Gold in the 50m Fly which he swam for the first-time long course. Owen Garsides was awarded with B Grade Gold in 200m Free & 100m Breaststroke, B Grade Bronze in the 200m Breaststroke & 100m Backstroke along with PB’s in 5 of his 8 events. Mawgan Bainbridge swam well and gained a PB in his 100m Fly along with Josh Adams who took 4 PB’s in all 4 of his races.  Coach Graham Martin “Golden Graham” was awarded poolside with a t-shirt and photo frame from all of his squad to mark the occasion and to celebrate once gain how proud they all are of him, as he is with all of their efforts at this meet.

Junior B

Victoria Sibova ,11, achieved long course PBs in all of her 8 races taking home a silver medal from the 100m fly and 2 bronze medals in the 100m back – securing her summer NER time, and 200m backstroke. Ruby Horsley, 12, managed to achieve seven PBs from seven races. Notable successes included a huge 13 seconds off her 200m IM, 8 seconds taken off her 200m backstroke, a massive 14 seconds off the 200m freestyle and another 3 seconds off her 100m freestyle as well as smaller PBs in 50m free (a B grade time), 100m back and 50m back. Lili-Sue Stone competed in seven races gaining six PBs taking 13 seconds off her 200m back to win a gold medal at B grade. Helin Zirar, 12 , swam her best and achieved a silver medal in the 200m back. Amelia Barrett (10) had an amazing weekend and won the 200IM, 100M Breaststroke, 200M freestyle, 200M Breaststroke, 50M Backstroke & 100M Freestyle and took silver in the 100M Butterfly & 100M Backstroke. Amelia finished the weekend with 7 speeding tickets and PB’s in all 8 events.

Alex McNamara achieved PBs in every race and gained a 10 second PB in his 200m backstroke gaining a long course NER time for himself and a gold medal. He acheived a 5 second PB on his 100m fly and bronze medal and 5 second PB in his 100m back and a long course NER time. He also nailed another gold medal and 2 second PB in his 50m back all at A grade. Pavel Zirar, 10, demonstrated great swimming and took home 2 gold medals, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 2 speeding tickets for exceeding the cut off times at A grade. Jack Hamilton also had a successful weekend achieving PBs in all 8 races and gaining two silver A grade medals in the 50m and 100m free.

Junior C

Hollie Dolan achieved PBs in 6 of her races, winning a bronze medal in the A
grade 50m backstroke, silver medal in B grade 200m IM and gold in the B
grade 100m freestyle.

Myles Higinbotham, 10 achieved personal best times in 7 out of his 8 races over the weekend. He won a silver medal in the 200m freestyle with a 16 second PB, a 9 second PB in the 50m butterfly, a 3 second PB in the 50m backstroke, 6 second PB in the 100m freestyle, 11second pb in 100m breastroke, 4 second pb in the 50m freestyle, 4 second pb in the 200m breaststroke, silver in the 200m backstroke with a 21 second pb 

Ella Keskin competed in the 11 years old category and improved her times in 4 out of 8 races. She took two gold medals in the B grade category for the 200m backstroke and 200m freestyle.

Junior D

For many of the Junior D swimmers it was their first long course gala but it didn’t hold them back, they all swam exceptionally well.

Alfie Carmichael 9, loved his first Rotherham gala! He got two B grade medals – silver in his 200m freestyle and bronze in 100m backstroke. During the weekend he swam 5 Pbs.

Amelie Newby 10, swam 6 PBs. She took 9 sec of 50m free, 8 sec in 100 free, 6 sec 200m free, 12 sec in 100m breast, 5 sec in 50m back and 6 sec of her previous 100m back  PB.

Ben Towse 9, had a really great weekend picking up silver medals in his 50m and 100m backstroke races and bronze medals in both 50m and 100m freestyle. Ben also came in a respectable 5th place in his 100m breaststroke.

Isabelle Callanan 9 and sister Emily 11, stood up to the challenges of their first open gala and together they gained a lot of experiences for the future, enjoyed the weekend and set very good times to build from. Isabelle did awesome in 200m free (4:05.58) and 100m back 2:04.90) when even the long pool didn’t stop her to achieve Pbs, in 50m free she finished in time 51.53s, 50m backstroke 58.45s and 100m freestyle 1:54.48.

Emily did very well when again she achieved Pbs even in her first ever long course in 50m free (49.45s), 100m free (1:45.18), 50m breast (1:01.73), 50m back (52.26s) and 100m back (1:57.81).

Jagoda Potyrala 10, beat her Pb in 100m backstroke finishing in 1:41.21 and taking home silver medal in B category. She also got her Pb in 50m backstroke with time 47.14 and getting B grade silver medal as well.

Oscar Melbourne 9, won bronze medal in 200m freestyle category B with a new Pb of 4.03.31. He also achieved Pb time even in long course for his 100m back with time 2:00.41.

Vivienne Longhorn 9, even she was very nervous from her first long course gala, she fought amazingly well, loved every minute and impressed with her times especially in 50m breast (1:01.13), 200m free (3:46.06) and 100 m back (1:51.46) where she finished in top 10. In 50m free she swam 46.23s and 100m breast in 2:11.52.


Inspirational swimming coach Graham Martin said he was flabbergasted to be named the BBC Unsung Hero for the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.

The Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club coach is one of 15 regional winners who will be attending the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony at the P&J Live Arena, Aberdeen, on Sunday 15 December.

There he will discover if he has won the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero national prize for 2019.

Graham, who has volunteered at the club for 20 years, admitted the honour came as a complete shock – and said it was an award for everyone associated with Kingston Upon Hull SC.

“Winning the regional award is massive for me. It’s like winning a Willy Wonka golden ticket. For people like me, these things do not come along very often.

“It’s a golden opportunity and, at the end of the day, it’s for everyone back at the club.”

Graham said swimming has always been a part of his life and he first got involved with Kingston when his daughter started lessons.

“They got me hook, line and sinker,” he laughed. “The next thing, I’m a fully qualified coach.

“Through my life, I’ve always been a very sporty person. I used to swim when I was younger but not to the standards of the swimmers I coach now. I had a motorbike accident and to recoup, I got back into the pool and started swimming.

“I can’t run so it was part of my exercise regime and I have always loved it. Now I’m a coach, I can’t get in the water!”

For five nights a week and whenever galas are held, Graham is poolside – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

And he praised his partner, Margaret, for her support while he is away from home at training and events

“Margaret has been the rock behind me,” he said. “All us volunteers are just a cog in the wheel and we all have to work together to develop every swimmer.

“I get the satisfaction of seeing a swimmer come in, developing and moving on through their career. It’s about enjoying it.

“Not everyone is going to be the next Adam Peaty but it’s about having the same, reachable goals and getting them to their potential.

“No-one knows where they are going to go when they start but it’s about giving every swimmer that chance.”

Graham was interviewed by the BBC at his work and the pool where Kingston Upon Hull train but still had no clue he had won the regional trophy – until parent Sue Brodie, who had submitted his nomination, stunned him and other swimmers by handing over the prize.

“Sue got people at the swimming club together to write a letter nominating me,” he said. “They had to ask me if I would allow them to nominate me. I said yes but was not expecting anything and it all went quiet.

“I was then told the TV cameras were coming down to my garage to interview me and also poolside. I was told they were filming six people and the film would be judged by a panel to choose the winner.

“It’s memorable. Everyone who volunteers does lots and lots of work and this is a pat on the back for them. They are the backbone of every club, every athlete and every future champion.

“I’m the lucky one as I’m off to Aberdeen but there are a lot of people behind me that need thanking – and I want to thank them for giving me this opportunity.”

Swimmers at the club hailed Graham as ‘an amazing person who inspires us to train hard as possible’, someone who ‘is very supportive’ and ‘an overall nice guy’.

Sue said: “It gives him the recognition he deserves.

“There are lots of different abilities at the club and some children with ADHD but he tailors the swimming to them.

“He does not think he is anything special but my goodness we all do.”

KUHSC Swimmers strike GOLD at the SENERS in both the Open and Age Group Competitions.
 Congratulations to Age Group swimmer Toby Clausen with a hat trick of North East Regional Championship places in the 100m Backstroke, 200m Freestyle & Fly alongwith SILVER 50m Backstroke, BRONZE 100m, Freestyle, BRONZE 100m Fly & BRONZE 50m Freestyle

Over in the Open Age Group Pool swimmer Benjamin Shipley sliced a huge 13 seconds of his PB to be North East Regional Champion in the 1500m Freestyle.
 Abbie Bowden swam a PB in her 800m Freestyle to also be crowned North East Regional Champion following it up with a BRONZE in the 400m Freestyle.
Amy Corcoran finsihed off the weekend with a BRONZE medal in the 200m Fly.
A further 9 open finalist places where secured by Isobell Shimmels, Mason Bland & Joshua Wormald.
Congratulations to all swimmers who qualified and competed #beatyourbest



Junior B & Junior C took the TOP CLUB AWARD award with ease at the Lincoln Vulcans Gala on the 19th & 20th October by achieving 57 medal places with 22 Gold, 17 Silver & 18 Bronze.



Kingston Upon Hull Swimmers made their presence known at the Yorkshire Winter Championships with 3 Yorkshire Champions in 10 Events and 5 swimmers taking medals in another 11 Events.


Toby Clausen GOLD 200m IM, GOLD 50m Backstroke, GOLD 200m IM, GOLD 50m Backstroke & GOLD 100m Backstroke.

Amy Corcoran GOLD 400m IM, GOLD 200m IM, & GOLD 100m Fly.

Victoria Sibova GOLD 50m Backstroke & .GOLD 100m Backstroke







Toby Clausen SILVER 50m Freestyle, SILVER 100m Fly, SILVER 100m Freestyle & BRONZE 50m Fly.

Amy Corcoran SILVER 100m Backstroke, SILVER 100m Freestyle & BRONZE 50m Fly.

James Starling SILVER 50m Freestyle & SILVER 100m Freestyle.

Scarlett Lees SILVER 50m Backstroke.






Dylan Hill BRONZE 50m Backstroke.




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